Need to go

I need to leave but I don’t know where to go or even how to get started.

If you could go anywhere in Canada where would you go?

I know running away from my problems isn’t good but it’s unhealthy where I am and I have only $100 to my name so I can’t move to a different place but I need to leave now.



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  1. Check via rail and see how far 100 will get you.

    Not very far if you plan on sleeping indoors.

    If you need help there are resources on the phone and in the city. I can do a Google search but I assume you have internet as well. Try everything you can before doing something you will likely regret.

  2. Greyhound has super cheap one way tickets throughout the provence.

  3. at least go somewhere where you have some family or friends, so you are supported in starting your new life

  4. Woman’s Emergency Shelter if you are Female call ahead. I would stay in Edmonton or go where I have family or friends. $100 isn’t much Calgary is right next door has lots of resources. Stay in touch with someone so they know you are ok please!

  5. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    can you possibly go to a camp job? most of your living expenses are then taken care of , and of course you’ll be making and saving money while staying away from the problems you want to get away from.

  6. Go to saskatoon, sascatchewan.More jobs, and cheaper rent there.

  7. kijiji – look up “rideshare”


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