Needing a dayhome

Please read the whole post before responding as I’m looking for specifics…
First off, it needs to be licensed and accept subsidy. Accredited would be a big bonus. North side/north west is best.
I am looking for a dayhome that would cater to people who work in schools. I have summers off so if you close down for the summer that would be great. I worry about going back to work after my mat leave because my child will absolutely not be in daycare if I am not at work which means during spring break, summer and Christmas break. However, most daycares don’t want to fill the spot for the summer so I have to pay both months to keep the spot for September.
Yes. I understand that a daycare or dayhome still needs to run even if my child is not there, but I am already at half my wages for the summers so paying full fee for a childcare spot isn’t really an option so I am looking for a dayhome that closes down for the summer OR would take a very reduced rate for the summer to hold my child’s spot.
I do plan to contact child care subsidy to ask if there are options for parents in this boat, but I’m wondering if you folks know of anyone who offers this. I know there are private dayhomes offering these sort of things but like I said, I will be needing somewhere that accepts subsidy.


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  1. Lisa O Lisa O'Neill says:

    Contact North Edmonton Family Dayhomes. I’m a teacher and they told me I just have to pay for 5 days each month in the summer to hold his spot. I can use them or I can not, but I have to pay for them. But it’s still a huge reduction, I believe I pay $180-200 a month in the summers and it’s $760 a month when he’s there full time. And they accept subsidy so it would be even less for you.

  2. Pam Taggart Pam Taggart says:

    Try North Edmonton Dayhome Agency and ask if they have anyone who does this

  3. I suggest connecting with your coworkers and asking what they do/who they use.

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