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Needing health care information

I am a 40 year old woman with no doctor, severe health issues and no where to go. I rely on reading lips as I am partially deaf and have been mislabeled as racist because I need a health care professional whose first language is English and not of another language because when you speak to me in a accent I can’t read or decipher what is being said there is problems. In Edmonton as we all know , having a profesional who speaks English as a first language is a rare find.

Now this is what I have to know and why I’m on here …

What I need to know is how much does is cost to get a full physical exam completed ? I am almost certain the black lumps they found 4 years ago are something more than a “infection” especially when one can’t breathe, eat with out throwing up vile, pain where the lumps where etc …

Now how much does it cost and where do I go to get health care ? I am a AISH recipient and I am low income so hoping and praying paying a doctor won’t get too much as I don’t know what to do but I do need a physical done, blood work and ultra sound. I assume at least that is what I need.

How much will this cost me ? Where can I go ? What doctor will help with out charging too too much ? I’m a good person. No record, zero consumption of drugs and alcohol and cigarettes , Canadian born and raised …. I just need health care help and where to go to



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  2. Anonymous says:

    You could try the Healthlink for Alberta Health Services – just dial 811. Your Alberta Healthcare is free, being born and raised here I’m surprised you don’t know that. You do not pay anything out of pocket to go to a doctor or to go to an Emergency Department at the Hospital, which is another suggestion and I think it’s your best choice since your health is failing.

  3. ted fenning says:

    contact Alberta Medical Association and explain your difficulty. I am sure they would and could help you out. They will likely ask your location etc to see if they can locate a doctor close to you. i hope this helps.

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