Negative Business Review for the Thunder Alberta Hockey Association

Just to let you parents out there know, this association has ripped a number of people off. Then when she is caught in her own lies, she threatens that she will make sure your child does not advance in the future!!and quote “your child will go nowhere with hockey, if you take this further”.

She has simply taken the money for children joining in her hockey programs promising them the whole 9 yards. She promises them jackets, the only people that own jackets are the children that play on her children’s teams.

She is disorganized and does not know what she is doing!!when it’s time to own up to her end of the stick, she finds every reason, and lies on top of lies.

She owes people money, and says she will send them cheques, which is one of her main lies!!! She switches teams when they get to the tournaments, and pulls a hissy fit when confronted with her phoneyness, and blames others for her actions!!! She’s greedy,and a fraud I suggest ppl do your research before thinking of putting your kids on her team!!!

Unless you want to see your child hurt for her actions and stupidity I suggest you stay clear of this, as she’s done that to more than one family!!!



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  1. Teri Badiuk Teri Badiuk says:

    Thank you for warning parents and protecting what is important – the kids!

  2. Fred Lambert Fred Lambert says:

    This appears to be the only complaint about this club I could find. However can the OP provide further clarification as to what the grievances are?

  3. Nunya business says:

    Her name is Ashley Qourzal. She is crooked!

  4. Scam says:

    Of course she would jump on with the native kids hockey whatever, because she knows that native bands sponsor the child. Lol the money gets into her account with no problem!! Furthermore, she knows that native parents won’t go forward into getting a lawsuit about her frauding!! It’s all forgotten about because the monies come out of the band funds. She also does get the younger children just starting in hockey to join her teams, because the parents are just only then knowing the basics of it not realizing she frauds them with her broken promises hahaha. Bottom line of this all… I WILL NOT JOIN HER HOCKEY TEAM EVER AND I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY REFUNDED!!!!!!!wat a scam artists!!!!

  5. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Wasn’t there someone like this in hockey in the past? I think it hit the news a couple years ago.

  6. Pam Smith Pam Smith says:

    What’s her name?

  7. Um Naser Um Naser says:

    My kids play for KC love them

  8. Jeff says:

    No not the same
    The other one was th AAA Sabres

  9. OP says: “Can u add to that message that people don’t want to come forward with proof that this happened as it will jeopardize their child’s future in hockey as she does sit on the board of Alberta hockey as well! since the guy commented about this being the only comment!”

  10. Lollollol says:

    Trying to be miss fix it I see??well for 1 maybe she hasn’t ripped you or your chold off. 2 she hasn’t lied to you about giving your kid whatever she says she was going too. 3 yes she does take certain children to europe(with other people’s money she frauds) 4 where’s the money she owes others?? We are still waiting for our funds to be deposited into the account and it’s been how long??lmao come on don’t be buttering it up for anyone. She frauded my child and how many others???lol I guarantee that other people would come forward if she quit threatening the child’s future!!XD

  11. Cheri says:

    Well I happen to know and have been part of, this organization. If you knew the work and amount of grief that goes into having this sort of organization, I think you’d think differently ! This woman truly CARES about these kids and makes every effort to get them exposed to higher levels of hockey. She has a name and it’s Ashley. If you went o the native provincials and stood beside her, you’d see the unreal amount of kids that come up and hug her and thank her for helping them advance !! I have helped manage a team for her and I have seen first hand what effort goes into it. She doesn’t have staff. She does it all herself and trust me when I say that she goes over and beyond what she needs to. She even goes as far as getting sponsors so these kids, that surpass her program, can attend whatever teams have scouted them ! I can give a crazy amount of examples of great things she’s done and names of kids she’s helped. It really upsets me that people have the nerve to trash people, who try with the best of intentions, to help kids get exposure to elite hockey ! Her group goes to Europe ! She takes teams to prospect tourneys in Ontario, Manitoba , Sask and BC ! Nobody’s perfect but if I was a hockey player with talent and dreams of playing elite hockey, I’d want to play for Ashleys teams ! I KNOW that she puts every effort into helping kids succeed at hockey and ESPECIALLY aboriginal kids ! So don’t hide behind anonymous posts and trash an organization that tries to help kids succeed if you 1. Don’t know what it takes to run an organization 2. Don’t know what she does to get the kids on the ice 3. Know the good she’s done 4. Know the amount of kids she’s help achieve their goals ! I will stand up for this woman / organization because I know what she is about, what she’s done and what she is capable of accomplishing !


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