Negative review – Safeway in Fort Sask

I am completely disgusted with the lack of customer service and the rudeness of the employees at the Fort Saskatchewan Safeway.

I went to grab something for lunch and asked an older lady with dark hair if it could get a salad made for me as there was none premade. She refused to make a salad, even though I’ve had them made at this location before by different staff. I then asked to get some potatoe wedges and she told me that she wasn’t responsible for that section of the deli counter, rolled her eyes at and walked away. After waiting about 15 minutes at the other deli counter another staff finally came to help me, while the other lady was standing in the corner on her cellphone. I then asked if I could also get a Greek salad, to which then the rude lady finally decided to help the other employee out. When she handed me the Greek salad she slammed it on the top of the counter, didn’t give me any dressing for it, and again walked away while I was asking for the dressing. She didn’t put a sticker on the salad either, so by the time I got to the till they had asked that I go back to deal with such rude lady. At this point I just decided to not buy it and probably never shop at Safeway again.

Save your money and go somewhere else where you are actually treated with respect. If you have your job that much maybe it’s time to switch careers!!!



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