I saw this and tried to put an angry face but it was deleted to fast. I am glad I read can TLDR I don’t really care I was going to as well but figured what the heck and read it.

I want to see the discussion this creates I personally feel that guy is way more mature then a lot of 40 somethings I know. (Hopefully all three pics upload)

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  1. Amal Chaaban Amal Chaaban says:

    This neighbour sounds like an asshole.

  2. Neighbours can be awful! We have some that have gone so far as to go to my landlords house to get us kicked out. They call the city they call the cops, they call animal control and child and family services. Each and every person I spoke to from these agencies including my landlord has concluded their endeavour is malicious. It’s like they just hate that we exist. They don’t like seeing us outside of our house. They don’t like hearing my children play outside (yes they have yelled at my kids for being too loud at 7pm during the summer). We live in a neighbourhood of family homes. I think that there needs to be protections in place for this kind of harassment. Something that recognizes that there are many situations where a neighbour is just wanting to make life miserable for others.

  3. Evann Clark Evann Clark says:

    You’d think after the second ticket you would have kept it on leash.

  4. Caity Forman Caity Forman says:

    The field is behind his house. You don’t just “forget” that the field you wished your dog could run freely in every day is leashed only. They clearly knew the rules and just didn’t think they would get caught.

  5. Marion Clark Marion Clark says:

    Yet when I reported my neighbors pit bull and lab were at large at the school grounds once again, nothing was done. When I took the dogs to their home the girl who came out stated “what ever”. Five days after I reported the incident, the bylaw officer phoned me to enquire if I still wanted follow up. ????

  6. He can act like the victim here all he wants, but this looks like one side of a much more involved story.

  7. Idk, I read most of the original post, and honestly, I didn’t buy any of it.


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