A New Cat Cafe in Town?!

Have you heard yet? There’s a cat cafe COMING SOON downtown, on 109 street and 105th avenue?

It’s called Paws The Cat Cafe. They have partnered with Edmonton Humane Society, and all cats will be adoptable!

They are doing a crowdfunding campaign through ATBBoostR!

You can get your hands on some sweet rewards, at



17 Responses

  1. The reward system for helping and donating is a really good idea.

  2. Why crowdfunding? As a private business shouldn’t this all be paid for with their profits?

    • Nicole Niska Nicole Niska says:

      Lots of businesses, especially small ones and start ups use crowdfunding as a way to get exposure, and a way to get their services and products out to people.

      The BoostR platform is rewards based and not just “give us your money and get nothing in return.”

      I’m the owner of Paws, and I definitely get where you’re coming from. 🙂

  3. There’s already a cat cafe on whyte isn’t there?? Why another? It’s not like people can bring their own cars to these places.

    • Nicole Niska Nicole Niska says:

      Why not another one, in a different area of town, with a different approach, different ideas and a different environment?

      If anyone who ever opened a business just gave up because someone else opened a similar business, as consumers, we’d have very little choices. 🙂

    • Crystal Jean Crystal Jean says:

      Crystal Rahko-Pitawanakwat except these cats will be able to stay there, so this will
      Open up more room.

    • Yes but the humane society etc won’t even take in more cats as they are over capacity. Why not help out people that can’t keep their cats and give them someplace to go instead of the streets?
      Last year I tried pretty much every cat shelter in the city and no one could take a cat that needed rehoming.
      Wouldn’t it be better to help out cats that aren’t already in shelters? Humane society etc have rooms to see the cats they have websites etc these other cats have nothing.
      I see where your coming from but there’s more that can be done for the cats that these shelter can’t take in. That’s my opinion

    • Crystal Jean wasn’t it supposed to be like that at the other cat cafe?? So there should of already been some room. Yea the spots would fill up but maybe these shelters need to be bigger than or there’s going to be a lot more cats roaming city streets cuz people can’t have them or find a home or shelter for them.

    • Nicole Niska Nicole Niska says:

      So, Crystal, I think I misunderstood what you meant by “taking your cats there”. I thought you meant bring your cat for coffee, where i think you’re referring to somewhere to surrender a cat if you need to, is that right?

      We have worked to create spaces for 12 more cats, so in the long run, more cats can be surrendered to the humane society, and get any medical attention, shots, fixed, etc, before they get exposed to the public.

      i’m really sorry to hear you had trouble finding somewhere to take your kitty. I hear that quite a bit, and this is my way of trying to help.

      We had our very first adoption today, so that’s a space for another cat to come over and hang out with people, and another cat that EHS can take if needed.

    • When I meant bring your cat I meant for coffee but yes also to surrendering has been a hard thing I tried for 6 months and couldn’t find a home or shelter to take her. My kids still torment her so I feel it isn’t fair to keep her round that trauma. But what else can I do..can’t get rid of my kids. My cat don’t even like kids or males which I have both in my house so she only comes to me when no one else is around.
      And I’ve herd way too many times that places have space available but then I try and get turned away. But that’s what I mean is more cats are going to be on streets cuz there’s no space for them anywhere in the city but the streets. Instead of helping cats that already in these shelters why not help ones that can’t get into them? There’s many of many cats on these pet buy and sells and rehoming pages that need help as well as the ones in shelters. Like I said tho these shelters have websites with pictures and details and room to see these animals, so why not help ones that don’t have the same? It’s like the shelter cats and animals get so much more attention with these shelters and news places posting vids of them on the news and fb and having people come give them company but these other cats are just left to fend for themselves.


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