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I have always wanted to learn French (Canadian) but never had the time to pursue it.

I have seen a lot of online course that you can use and learn from home and looking for information or recommendations on which ones give the best experience as far as reading and writing.

Thank you.



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  1. Duolingo and Mango language learning. Duolingo is a free app, mango is accessible through edmonton public library’s website

  2. Duolingo is a free app that can start to teach the basics. Once you have some basics seek out one of the French conversation groups on meet up. The best way to learn is to be around it! Also start watching French tv. Especially kids shows(even though they will be boring) but they generally speak slower and use simpler vocabulary. I believe MacEwen offers French language classes that you will learn French and post secondary credits at the same time…always a good option!

  3. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Better off learning France French instead of Quebecois. Will keep you from getting laughed out of a Cafe in Paris.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Michel Lamontagne You did, enough to comment. If someone wants to learn French, better to learn how it’s spoken in the country of origin. That sort of French is a first or second language in many countries around the world that have had French Colonial influence in the past. You’d get further in those countries speaking France French than klak klak tabarnak Quebecois.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      That is like telling people to learn British English…I would rather be laughed at in a random cafe in Paris than daily in my own country

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Maja Black there are many more differences between Quebecois and true French than there are between British English and English anywhere else.

  4. Crystal Quan Crystal Quan says:

    u of a offers free language classes. Every saturday, for 12 weeks from 10am-12pm

    The new winter semester starts tmrw actually.

    Look up SVCC online.

  5. Mari Scott Mari Scott says:

    you can get free help from your library – It’s called Mango…talk to you local library

  6. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    To learn French Canadian, go to France and learn how to speak french properly. Then come back to Canada, live in Newfoundland for a few years and get that Newfie twang nice and set in. Merge the two languages together and viola! You can now speak French Canadian! 😉

  7. For men: Sleep with French women you will pick it up very quickly. For women: Take an online course Frenchmen will only teach you to swear.


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