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New mom question…

I’m looking to get out of the house with my baby and the public health nurse mentioned that the public library has free programs. So I checked into them and saw that there is Baby Laptime at my library.

So here’s a really few dumb questions but I have social anxiety so I need to ask here cause I worry about showing up and making a fool of myself…

It says babies up to 12 months and my baby is 3 months. So he’s basically only awake to eat and then a little bit after that and then back to sleep.

Do I go if he’s sleeping? Do I leave to feed him? If he’s awake and starts fussing do I leave? Is 3 months too young for this program? Is he expected to be participating in some way?

I know it’s for little ones but I have no idea…thank you from a first time, very nervous and anxious mom.



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  1. I think part of it, is just getting out and meeting new people. Whatever baby is doing is what babies do. Just do what feels natural, for you.

  2. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    Yesssss go, sleeping, awake, crying, feeding, pooping who cares. Go have some time with other new moms, any age is a good age.

  3. Carmen Shaw Carmen Shaw says:

    If he is sleeping and you want to come, bring him! If he needs to eat, feed him. If he is getting fussy no one will be upset, but you can also step outside the room for minute. These were hard for me too in the beginning, I also have anxiety, but worth making a habit of going. If you would like, I am open to you messaging me to talk.

  4. Absolutely bring him! These things are as much for you as they are for baby. Go make a new parent friend ❤

  5. Leslie Ann Leslie Ann says:

    Go and have fun! I had the same problems i took my daughter from newborn to 12 months. Sometimes she fussed no one will judge if babies hungry they understand. It was the best thing i ever did

  6. Just go and have fun. Babies of all ages there. No need to leave to feed, I found the groups very welcoming. A lot of the clinics run new mom groups as well…ask where you get your vaccinations if they offer one. Sing sign laugh and learn is also a fun program.

  7. It is going to be a group of moms just like you. Wondering if they should be there and why they came. Just enjoy it. When I went they just read a book and sang songs. I had two little ones and they helped out. Might be a good way to meet some great friends

  8. Do it. I took mine at 3 months. And all new moms feel the same. If anything itll gurantee your baby a good nap time later in the day – and in turn good you time. Which you always need when they are small! Wish you the best. ❤

  9. Joanne Hall Joanne Hall says:

    It is geared to moms with babies so don’t worry. They sing & read stories. If your baby eats & sleeps, no one cares.

  10. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    You would be perfect for the New Moms Network. They meet at your local health centre weekly for 6 weeks and you bring your baby with you. For babies 6 weeks to 6 months for first time parents. 780-413-7980

  11. Make a phone call and ask the library all your questions. They’ll have the best experience to give you answers to all your scenarios.

  12. There is also a program called Books for Babies. It’s free and offered through family literacy I believe. They operate out of libraries as well. It’s a free registered program, so the group is kept small. I loved it with both of my kids, and the staff that run it are absolutely wonderful. The smaller group is a bit comforting and gives a chance to meet other moms. Depending on the library you go to some of the baby lap time classes can be big groups.

  13. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Message and ask them, I think they have a safe room for you, and the kids go to the lil daycamp thing.

  14. Baby laptime is the best. I made mom friends out of the group. It’s only 1/2 hour and it’s very welcoming.

  15. At that age its gonna mostly be for momma. I’d go, if he wakes up, stay right there and feed, nobody’s gonna care if its breast or bottle. If he fusses, stay right there and take care of that baby. Everyone there is in the same boat and just wants to get out of the house. Go and meet other people, even the people that run it are great.

  16. I have anxiety as well and because of that, I never did the mommy and baby programs. Good for you for wanting to get out there!

    I would imagine these are all moms and don’t care if your baby is fussy or eating. They’ve all been there. I think these programs are more for getting moms out there and meeting other new parents. Congrats on the new baby!

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