New Type of Members Only Dating Club

This is a new way of meeting people – I think singles should check it out.

QUOTE: We are committed to providing a unique community that gives vetted singles an opportunity to meet in a less awkward environment. We have monthly mixers and member only events that are casual and stress free. We also offer an old school style online chat for breaking the ice, and third party hosted phone calls between couples as a first step if requested. Good matches are not only based on chemistry, but on an emotional, spiritual, and a socio-economic level. We know all these aspects are important – not just the face-to-face WOW factor. We feel we are offering a process- not a service.



13 Responses

  1. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    so pay to meet ppl instead of just using free sites

    • Sandy says:

      Rather pay and know people have been interviewed and checked out vs online meeting people who aren’t who they say they are. Just me though

  2. Or people could talk to each other in public and maybe hit it off

  3. Digital pimps hard at work lol

  4. Sandy says:

    I dunno – I pay to be on Match and POF and I get no one meeting face to face all text and they say they want a relationship and turns out they dont. If a person goes through the interview and is okd to join – I have a better chance of meeting someone serious – no one is going through that hassle – forget the monthly $ – to just pick up easy scores. You know? They are serious about meeting someone long term too. My only worry is being interviewed… those scare me

  5. Sandy says:

    I think my only concern is going through the interview process – what if I’m not approved to join? That would be embarrassing

  6. Cute idea. These services never last because women often won’t pay


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