New Years Resolution

With the New Year approaching and new goals and a new lifestyle, I am leaving the Shoutout Community behind.

There are far too many mean people on here! Yes, some are kind and helpful but sadly, too many are downright cruel. It has made me realise the shirt side of humanity. The keyboard bullies and cowards.

Not for me. So see you later, Shoutout.

Admin’s note: It’s too bad to see you go, but thanks for giving it a try! Hopefully we can get people to be more polite around these parts in the future. Although I do agree that a lot of people can be rude… it is absolutely remarkable what the people of this community have done for others in the past; over and over again.



6 Responses

  1. Tre Hack Tre Hack says:

    Some of the posts are ridiculous. I cant even tell which ones are trolling or not.

  2. O jeez please don’t leave

  3. As long as we’re making Resolutions that we don’t intend on keeping, this year I’m really going to focus on hitting the gym.

  4. Leona Aquin Leona Aquin says:

    you know what i have been bullied ALL my life in school and after….to me words mean nothing, so many are taking it to heart pls don’t, yah some words hurt but i have learned to get over it. I was also getting beat up growing up and again never took it to heart as i know its them with the problem not me. But if the bullies where bulling me they were leaving other’s alone. I’m a big girl i put my big girl pants on.

  5. If you really truly want to leave, then why wait? The post lost all credibility for me when there’s not one thing stopping you from leaving right now but you choose to ceremoniously make your exit on new years. Sounds like someone is attention seeking.


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