JOB OPENING – Shoutout Edmonton News Publisher

Good morning fellow Edmontonians!

Today I come to you with a proposal to help better Shoutout Edmonton alongside myself and our absolutely wonderful Post Editor; who has been working behind the scenes fixing up the spelling and grammar, editing the post titles, and scheduling all of your posts now for several months. (Thank you, Connie! I cannot say it enough.) 🙂

I am proud to announce that we are looking for a new team member to join us. The new job title in question is a News Publisher, and you would be responsible for writing up feel-good news stories on a day to day basis – once daily.

Your duties will include the following:

• Find local feel-good stories posted on other social media and news networks.


• Write up one (1) feel-good news story per day.

• Of course, you must refrain from copyright infringement, and so must write out these stories in your own words.

• You must stay within a minimum of 4 paragraphs and a maximum of 10 paragraphs per story/post. (Not too short, and not too long.)

• You must always locate at least one (1) photo that is in relation to the story you are writing about. If you choose to use an image from another news outlet, you must give them or the original photographer credit. You are more than welcome to use more than one (1), however it is never okay to publish a post without an image.

• You will be required to sift through multiple news outlets on a daily basis, to find the best of the best to share with the Shoutout Edmonton community.

• You will be using ‘WordPress’ to publish these posts to our website/Facebook/Twitter simultaneously. (This is all done automatically. You will not have to worry about publishing to all of our platforms.) If you do not possess prior ‘WordPress’ knowledge, you will be provided with a link to a tutorial that I’ve written up for you, which includes 10 screenshots. It is very easy to learn, and will take you no longer than an hour to become accustomed to it, I promise you.

The perfect candidate will possess the following:

• Will have access to a computer at least 1 hour per day. (Smartphones and tablets do not cut it.)

• Average to above-average computer/internet knowledge.

• Excellent comprehension, reading and writing skills.

• Impeccable spelling and grammar.

• Ability to sift through news in a timely fashion/fast reading speed.

• Ability to follow written and visual directions without issue.

• Average to above-average typing speed.

• Happy and honored to be a part of a growing positive-influenced community.

I will be providing you with a massive list of local news/media websites that will allow you to find local feel-good news stories incredibly easily and efficiently. You will be asked to sift through several of these outlets on a daily basis, to find stories that would best fit the Shoutout Edmonton mood. (Positive and feel-good stories only.)

Payment: You would be paid on a per-post basis, all of which must go through me; Jody Mitoma, first. I will not be accepting any negative news that may be seen on other media/news outlets. We will be focusing on the positive of this city, province and country only. You will be paid $1.75 per post; 1 post per day. No more, no less. NOTICE: OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, YOU MAY RECEIVE RAISES.

ATTENTION: This is a position for someone that loves to help out a good cause, while at the same time, is being compensated for a bit of work. I have written many news-related posts myself in the past, and I know for a fact that it is not a tough job. We are not an actual news/media company, so I promise that you will never feel under pressure or overwhelmed working for Shoutout Edmonton.

I cannot stress this enough; this is a position for someone that wants to help with the continued efforts and betterment of this community, while at the same time, being compensated just a little bit for their time.

With that being said, any and all who chose to apply – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours truly,

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Founder of Shoutout Canada, Jody Mitoma (feel free to friend me!)




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