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No joke, chickens in the garden

This isn’t a joke, please don’t make cooking jokes. Someone went to our community garden and dropped off a pair of very healthy young chickens. We have barricaded them in for safety from the busy street.

Called 311, no help. Understand these chickens are so happy! Harvest time, they are strutting around eating whatever 🙂 none of us gardeners care, few peas is nothing.

We kind of are hoping someone will board them until next summer…

.I have no angst to whoever dropped them off, clearly these chickens are healthy, and the owner tried to put them in a spot where they would be well fed and taken care of…any ideas on what to do? …( no beat and batter jokes please. We know this is odd)



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  1. I have had chickens. They are great. They eat lots of insects. I hope you find them a good place

  2. Bryann Lohse Bryann Lohse says:

    Call the zoo. They have a farm exhibit now

  3. Lee Sustrik Lee Sustrik says:

    That is so strange. I’m sure there is lots of places that would take them. No yoke, lol!

  4. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I called 311 again, this morning they came and picked them up. They are healthy, had a few days free range, now animal control has them 🙂

  5. Pecky and Cluck Cluck are clearly now FAMILY

  6. All found animals must go to Animal control for a mandatory hold period. There are 2 that were brought in today, possibly the same ones?

  7. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    There are 2 chickens at animal control. Chances are this post was written yesterday and posted now, after they were taken to the pound.

  8. Thanks for the tip. I’m starving and don’t get paid till the end of the month. Meat’s expensive.

  9. Kiwi nurseries would take them!

  10. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    Call ACCC Animal Care & Control Centre – Edmonton

  11. Call 311 again and demand to speak to Animal Care & Control Centre – Edmonton. 311 operators are ill-informed.

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