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No Professionalism or Respect for Residents in Neighbourhood They Work and Live in…

This company is ran by the most ignorant and disrespectful group of guys I’ve ever encountered. They live a few doors done from me and for that reason, I initially had passed along their info to people I know requiring these services. After hearing of their experience with just speaking to this very unprofessional bunch I regretted it and decided Id never try to be neighborly in that way to them again, especially after how rude they were.

Well now a few months have gone by and almost 24/7 they park at least 2 pick ups filled with rubbish and tools as well as 2 flat deck trailers with rubbish, a skid steer and tools for days on end right in front of my house and even at times on our lawn because he is just that ignorant to park properly.

Now I get it, street parking, but there is a things such as common courtesy since they can clearly see one of us has mobility issues and uses a handicap placard. I tried to contact the company directly but no response to my calls or emails.

So today I approached the guy who is driving them most of the time and he was so ignorant. I just asked if he could leave some space for us to park and he basically went off…telling me I’m a bitch and he doesnt give a shit, he doesnt have to do anything I’m asking. And yes hes right he doesnt have to but he should be courteous especially when operating a business that relies on people like me to keep you going…my next step is pushing bylaw to do something and spreading the word to never use this company.



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