Norquest, MacEwan or Nait?

I am looking into getting an Accounting Technology certificate. However, I can’t decide which school to enroll in.

Is taking online courses at Norquest College good in terms of finding jobs in the future? Or should I go with MacEwan or Nait?

Any input is highly appreciated.



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  1. McEwan or Nait. They’re well respected schools with accredited programs.

  2. Dallas Chr Dallas Chr says:

    Norquest is also accredited.

    • hence the shoutout page, while google “may be helpful”, personal experience and opinions are a little more accountable then a random answer on search pages.

  3. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Why specifically accounting technology ? Have you looked into the job market for it?

  4. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    Nait all the way!

  5. Becca Dupuis Becca Dupuis says:

    So like quick books or simply accounting, or sage 50? You can take classes possibly for just like book keeping

  6. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Nait, Grant Mac, then Nor Quest. In that order. Good luck!

  7. Dee Arcand Dee Arcand says:

    Stay away from the private colleges. The courses are no transferable and will get you no where in the workforce. I’d advise you to go norquest, Macewan or nait.

  8. Go to nait or grant mcEwan and get your introductory accounting. Intermediate a counting I and II. You can apply for a job with the federal government.

  9. Al Ewaskow Al Ewaskow says:

    I recommend Athabasca University. Its a tough program, but well respected.


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