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Not happy

I get AISH, once a month. Now with the corvid virus , I have suddenly been forced to beg and borrow and plead for help from every source. I have no family, no kids, it’s just me.

I have a weak immune system so when this corvid came to light , I had to take loans out to ensure my home and health was taken care of, it wasn’t much but a $450 loan from a loan place sure adds to an already depleted budget. I figured the government would care about there people. I thought the government would help us all out equally. No surprise when it comes to light that us low income people literally got the brown end of the stick. MAY we have to wait to get any help but if you have family, kids, work you get the help you need. But us AISH and welfare cases get nothing. $450 I had to borrow to make sure I can survive this crisis. I can’t access food banks or soup kitchens … not in this crisis. I can’t take the risk of getting sick, I can’t. So basically , because I am a single person , I mean nothing to the government. They won’t give us our AISH early, they won’t help in any manner till May. That’s great.

My heart is broken and my confidence in the government is gone. It wasn’t my choice to be unable to have kids, it wasn’t my choice to be on AISH, I didn’t choose what happened to me. I didn’t get that chance to be normal. And now I have to pay for it in the worst possible way



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  1. Jade says:

    You are living beyond your means!!!
    I’m going to point out that people who have worked their whole lives, paid into the Canada Pension Plan and have retired get a monthly payment of $1175 a month. Single household AISH payment is $1685 a month, so I REALLY wouldn’t be complaining there.

    You have had no change in your income. I’m sorry that you can’t go to the food bank or elsewhere right now for fear of getting sick. You say you have no family, no kids, it’s just you. Do you have friends? That is where you’ll get support right now – I’m sure they’d love to access community resources on your behalf.

  2. AlbertaStinks says:

    I dont know about Confucius, but i say: Alberta is a pisshole.

  3. SocialistMess says:

    The problem with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money – You also learn dependency. Socialism, in an actual NUT shell, is conterproductive to human development; people learn not work for anything or improve the self because handouts are free and don’t exert energy. Then there’s the productive members of society (working class) who begin to withdraw themselves from society and productivity because they tire from a daily ass-raping and end up having no social consciousness. So what you have left is a bunch of fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat white people and jews who own the means of production, grease palms and get fatter while the people who actually are in need of social services (ie, disability), and in socialist tenent should be helped, are left without a damn thing, not even dignity. Socialism works on paper; in reality it is an immigration welfare state with an international proletariat, just like crazy house Canada is. No Canadian pride here, folks! Give me a lobotomy and then I may like Canada or even fit in.

  4. Thomas says:

    Pretty sure none of us get any help until May. I know I haven’t seen any kind of help and I’m a working class who pays into the system every two weeks, with kids and a dog. Don’t assume people in my situation are handed a golden ticket.

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