Not responding to emails

I have sent emails to coworkers and there are a few that have not responded, one of them is a manger.

Why are people such dicks and what should I do?



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  1. Can you put a read receipt on your emails? Then you have a record that they were actually read too.

  2. Cc someone else on your emails so that the first person knows that someone else is aware of the email or emails.

  3. Keep on it. Email is a paper trail. If your manager doesn’t reply in a few business days resend with a new heading 2nd attempt and state you’re still waiting for a reply. Most of them respond after that.
    It’s really sad that a manager won’t address you, it calls into question why they are in management.

  4. Well you have a trail already I guess you can get up and go talk to them? When they answer just tell them to put it in an email for you this wasting their breath too.

  5. Kenna Leslie Kenna Leslie says:

    Pick up the phone and make a phone call. Document the date and time you called. If/when you get through, send a follow up email confirming what was discussed.

  6. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    I hear you! I do 99% of communication with head office, etc. via email. It is very annoying when you do not hear back. I will send original and re-send two more times. After that, forget it. I have my paper trail.

  7. Follow up once with “as per my last email” if still no reply, pick up the phone

  8. Make sure you are sending e-mails only to the person who can really do something about your problem. In my view, e-mail is the biggest time -waster in the office, since they are usually copied to far too many people.


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