Nurses at the Royal Alexandra ER, thank you

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout and “thanks” to the nurses at the Royal Alexandra Hospital that were in the ER on early Monday morning, the 15th of October. The one nurse who was caring for my mom when we got there said she was working 9-5. I forgot her name but she was so awesome. My mom fell early in the morning and was brought in by ambulance. She had a really bad gash on her head. And needed a few stitches. My mom has Alzheimer’s and the young nurse was so, so gentle and kind and so very caring. She made sure my mom was warm and comfortable. She made sure that my dad, myself and my brother had chairs to sit on while we waited for tests to be done and stitches put in. This nurse also took the time to gently wash out the blood from my moms hair with a warm towel and comb. She rinsed my moms hair out a couple times. As most people know, this place was hopping with patients. (Also, high five to the other nurses who had to deal with getting treated like crap by a couple of the patients in there, they were still very kind to them and patient) Unfortunatly, we have been in the ER quite a few times, with both my mom and dad in the last few years and every time they are treated so kind. The doctor that was caring for my mom was literally speed walking the entire time, going from patient to patient, with a smile on her face. Nurses and doctors are so amazing and the crappy stuff they have to go through and see is just crazy. Eve after being run off their feet they still have a smile and a gentle hand. Thank you so much.



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