Obsession with women pages?

I am a guy and I don’t want to come off as a douche bag. So please save judgement.
I am engaged to a great woman and we have a child together. All was good till she joined a bunch of facebook groups that are women only or moms only. No I don’t have a problem with that, I think its great she found support friendships. But one group —-it is a problem.
Since she joined, she changed. She decided not to go with the car seat we planned because someone there bashed it. Our insurance and doctor said its a good one but suddenly she asks me to get it refunded and buy one outside our budgtet cause the girl there giving advice is “expert”.
It is all about approval. When we fought about how much that group influences her, she shared some posts with me. They bash anyone that has anything not to their normal or their expectations and call it Drama. People have stuff going on not everyone fits into a neat box!
Yeah I don’t like that group based on what I saw but that’s beside the point. Its how my girlfriend won’t do anything she thinks is not liked by the Couch people. I am not naming names but the admin is a jerk who puts everyone down and constantly redoing the rules as it suits her. Now because we have my niece living with us my girlfriend has sleepness nights because she is not her biological parent which I guess is requirement of the group.

I am starting to lose respect for the person I am supposed to make vows to. Yet I can’t break up over a fb group…I am sure she will post that and I’ll be the jerk except she never posts anything because she is afraid of being bashed. I want her to either leave that group or have her own opinions again. So come on, tell me I am such a bad guy



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