Online dating

Ladies, any guy who says he is living in the basement of the ex GF’s/ wife house is more than likely (95% of them) are lying to you. Just their excuse to go fool around online.

The dog in pictures probably hers, vacation trip photo, she probably was taking the photo. Ladies be smart about online dating.



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  1. Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

    Speak for yourself. I was livong with my ex, her daughter, and our son, as she did not have enough money to move out on her own at the time. Thankfully, she was able to now, so it makes it a little less awkward to try to explain the situation.

  2. There are a lot of couples not living together/living together. It’s not hard to figure out the truth. But it can be a
    complicated relationship.

  3. Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

    Girls can find anything out. We better than the FBI.
    If we find anything we question it. I found a guys ex gfs ig page flooded with pictures of them. He told me they broke up. But I’m the crazy one… bro please. I didn’t go digging for it. I clicked one name on a comment. And boom. Flood gates opened with pictures of them kissing and on trips. Her with his dog. Let’s be real. Clearly someone is in denial or they’re still in fact together.

  4. That goes both ways. Lots of women do the same thing.

  5. It’s not his sisters kid.
    He doesn’t have a job.
    It’s all lies

  6. It’s not just online dating. Years ago. (Many years ago. Before online dating. I’m sooo dating myself here!!!) I was set up on a blind date. Blind date went well. About a month into dating I started getting 3am calls and hang ups. Finally she says “you’re dating my fiancé. And I know all about it.” Whaaaaaat…..I talk to the guy I’m dating and he says she’s his ex. He didn’t want to tell me and scare me off. I’m thinking it’s true since I was set up by his “friend”. I been to his house, very much a bachelor pad. Pics of him, the whole bit. I started looking into things and sore enough he’s engaged. So I drop him like a hot potato. He keeps calling and coming by to see me. I see him at second cup (right next to where I was working) I had walked in, not knowing the creep was there and he grabs my arm and I jerked it away and told him to not touch me. His partner walks over (they are police officers) and asks me if there was a problem and I said there sure as hell was. That his buddy is engaged and was dating me until I found out. So I told him to keep his hands off me! Lol. The officer literally went “ooooh yikes”. Rolf.

  7. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Yeah avoid anyone with an ex problem. Woman or man. It is like a disease. Someone who doesn’t get over the ex likely has discipline issues and will have a myriad of other issues because of that.


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