Only a Week til Christmas, Let’s Spam our own Businesses!

With only a few more days left for Christmas shopping let’s all post links (here in the comments) to our own businesses. If we can help each other this season, instead of helping the corporate giants we all win!
So, post here a link to your businesses website or Facebook page, and like a few other people’s Facebook pages too! Do you sell Tupperware? Sentsy? Do you have an actual independent brick and mortar store? Post it!
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  1. Adele Hammer Adele Hammer says:

    Adele’s nail care

  2. Treadhead Garage. We can do anything offroad and automotive related 🙂 How about studded tires to deal with all the icy roads?

  3. Not mine but worth shouting out.. in The Village at Pigeon Lake.. Actually The Village at Pigeon Lake is also worth following for people who like to take day trips from the city.. open all year.

  4. LaDonna May LaDonna May says:

    Blessings Everyone!
    I am running a Yule special for sessions. Psychic sessions at $25.00 per hour for any bookings made before Thursday December 21, 2017. The reading itself can be scheduled for any time before or after Yule but the booking itself has to be made before that date.
    We can have a session via Facebook phone, Facebook video, regular phone, Skype, whichever works best for you! I hope to hear from you for us to get together. Thank you!
    Check out my website as well.
    Namaste xox

  5. located in Fort Saskatchewan!! Merry Christmas to All!

  6. Brian Booth Brian Booth says:

    Excellent prices and they have an incredible selection of an array of different items. Lovely local shop everyone should look up.

  7. I sell Avon. I love it so I am a very good customer as well lol.
    I do many events so I carry a lot of inventory in my west end “home store”. Stop by, products are discounted and no tax.
    Otherwise I offer delivery anywhere within Edmonton.
    Shipping available anywhere in Canada.
    I am also a Team Leader – meaning I am happy to help you start your own business.
    Contact me here on Facebook (for now just my personal page) or e-mail
    Svetlana Baidak

  8. I also recently started an Epicure business. I simply loved the products and joined for myself, and anyone that is interested.

  9. I have my own home based online travel company and get paid on my own travel. I can help you do the same!

  10. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    Available for 3 days only. Pm me or order online.


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