Open letter

Dear Dr Williamson

I hope I got your name right.

In 2015, you treated my mother. She came into emergency at the royal Alex via ambulance, and you were the doctor who treated her, along with your team.
Allison was one of 2 EMTs.

Recently, I brought my dad in, and there you were. I couldn’t believe it. I finally had the chance to thank you for that day, 2 1/2 years ago. You looked shocked. You asked how she was, and I explained we’d lost her.
You looked so lost at that moment. Truly, honestly, lost. Your genuine response is what got me, you really felt defeated in that moment. It was warming.
I thanked you, explained that because of you and your team, I got 4 extra days with her. I think you were shocked… to me sir, you are a hero.

Sir, you are a hero. I knew she wasn’t going to pull through that night. In hindsight, I am grateful she didn’t suffer like so many do.
I owe you, and your team, everything. In the four days that followed, I was able to tell her I loved her. Friends and family were able to come, have their time, and gain closure.
It’s because of you. You have her the chance at surgery. You gave us a chance of extra time, time we wouldn’t have had otherwise.


My mother and I didn’t have a positive relationship. Because if you, because of the extra time, I was able to let her go with no guilt. There were things I needed to say, to clear emotions, while she was still with us. You, gave me that chance.
My father was able to clear the air as well. They’d been divorced for so long, but he loved her still. He got his chance to say what he needed.
I am so grateful.

I had meaning to tell you, it was fate that night I happened to see you.
Yes we lost her. YOU gave us the time we needed, she needed, to pass at peace.
I wish there were more like you. You did everything.
They way you spoke to her that afternoon, touched her, comforted her… I will never forget.

You, sir, are my hero.

Thank you, isn’t enough. All the praise in the world, isn’t enough for the gratitude and respect I have for you.
You are rare. You are more than you believe. You are a hero.

I hope this finds its way to you, your superiors. You deserve so much credit, and acknowledgement. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself and the impact you have on your patients.

I am forever in your debt.



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