Ordered 3 fingerlings for sale at cost

I have just ordered 3 fingerlings from Amazon at cost. I should receive them by the end of the week. I paid $19.99 each plus tax. The colours are White, black and purple. I would like to sell them at cost to someone who needs them for a child. NOT To be turned around and sold for a profit!


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  1. Yay good people do exist!!!

  2. You can get the fake ones on for like 5 dollars… Probably where Amazon and the like are getting them

  3. I ordered some as well… a 6 pk… got them today and they are ALL fake. Emails to them haven’t been returned. I was charged shipping taxes and all in USD … I have 23 if anyone wants them… we opened one… seems to be the same thing…

  4. Apparently even the ones ordered from are coming in as knockoffs

  5. Betty Jean Betty Jean says:

    Showcase Store in mall’s have them if you are desparatty wanting one. But they are 35.00…I bought one for my granddaughter

  6. I just don’t get people that mark it up. If you don’t actually want it don’t buy it. And what’s the point?! To make an extra $50-$100, is it really worth it to look like a total loser making money off kids toys. Good for you OP for doing the right thing!

  7. I am looking our company is doing a Christmas for a family that is struggling this year and this is one the little girls request we can only get one gift for each child so I would love to give her the toy she requested

  8. Ally Cure Ally Cure' says:

    The best BEST post! Merry Christmas

  9. Lee Valley has a pck of 5 for 20. check the website catalogue. Not sure if company makes a difference.

  10. Not all heros wear capes.

    Capes are dangerous anyways.

  11. Sue Talbi Sue Talbi says:

    If you sell them and people want more for their child…Super Bee Truck Accessories in Wetaskiwin just got a load of Fingerlings late last week. Little known place where you could make a child happy.

  12. They’re likely fakes. I’d request a refund if they are.

  13. Naji Crant Naji Crant says:

    Apparently the one from Amazon is not the authentic one, but it’s still as good as the original one. Thanks OP, you’re the real MVP.

  14. Ola Sanduga Ola Sanduga says:

    I would like to purchase them for my neices. DM me please if i can – thanks 🙂

  15. Please! I can’t find them anywhere.

  16. I would buy one, my son would be in heaven!

  17. Amazon has them in stock right now for $20

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