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Hello – we are thinking of building a home with Pacesetter.

Has anyone built with them and can share their experience?

Thank you.



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  1. Built with them back in the boom, had a terrible experience…maybe it was just the time, but we were not happy in the least.

  2. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    I think the problem with the new homebuilder companies are that they’re building so many homes they can’t oversee or inspect the work of the subcontractors.

    I had a real bad experience with a builder I won’t name because the incident was not their fault per say, but a subcontractor made a mistake that caused our roof leak when we had a much heavier than normal rainfall.

    To the builders credit they fixed it ASAP even though we went two weeks without a wall to our bedroom and half the carpet pulled up. They also replaced all the drywall in the garage as a precaution. Most of that time was to make sure everything dried, but in the end it was a real inconvenience.

    I don’t even want to think what the repairs cost them, but in the end it still was their responsibility for inspecting the work.

  3. Our last house was a pacesetter spec home-we loved it and had great service.

  4. Sarah Smith Sarah Smith says:

    Word on the street is that their parent company recently dumped all of their old trades in favor of ones who would do the work for the cheapest price possible. Some of those companies worked for them for about 30 years, I’m told. Make what you will with that… Volume builders are what they are.


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