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Packed lunch for pregnant people

Does anyone have ideas for packable lunches for pregnant?

Things that don’t require a microwave, and I’m not sure if you pack things like eggs or chicken if they need to be refrigerated or not.



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  1. With a thermal lunch bag and ice packs you should be able to take anything. I have a lunch bag that has packs built in, so you just take it out of the freezer in the morning and pack your lunch. Stays cold.

  2. A jar of pickles is good .

  3. Bronco Monk Bronco Monk says:

    Thermal lined lunch bag, couple bottles of frozen water, keeps lunch cold and gives ice cold drinking water as it thaw’s.

  4. Get a lunch crock pot . U can reheat anything in it . Easy to clean . It holds 1 can of chunky soup .

  5. Amanda Kuhn Amanda Kuhn says:

    Protein will keep you feeling full the longest, so nuts are a good option and a nice snack. As well as hard boiled eggs. Greek yogurt and fruit. You can buy ice packs from the dollar store to keep those things chilled.

  6. Yes, hard boiled eggs, nuts, carrots, fruit (small ice pack).

  7. You definitely want to keep meat cold (chicken, eggs) or any dairy to eliminate salmonella risk. I used to have a little lunch bag that had a cold lining. Then I did a salad with chicken strips.

    Have a talk with a dietician. Usually that should be free if you can get a family doctor through PCN. Or perhaps there is something in pregnancy referrals. It’s been a long time since I was pregnant 🙂

  8. Ice packs. Salads. Wraps.

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