Paid Vacations for Dayhome Providers?

Okay. So I am genuinely curious.
How many people does this “paid vacation” piss off for dayhome providers. When I first started bringing my kids to dayhomes I was simply shocked about this. Like I get it’s a hard job. But I mean it’s great pay. I am yet to ever get a paid vacation as are many others. Salary doesn’t count as that’s banked time.

I mean I pay for the whole month, you decide you’re taking two weeks off and I have two options. 1) take time off work and stay home or 2) pay someone else upwards of $600+ dollars.

I’ve heard it compared to cell phone bills “you pay the same whether you use it or not”. Yes that’s true, but the cell phone company doesn’t cut off my phone for 2 weeks, charge me in full and expect me to pay another phone company for two weeks.

Does this bother anyone else? I just can’t understand this logic.



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  1. It also takes a toll on the partner. I worked night and took time away from. My family, just to help out with the dayhome. I picked and sometimes dropped off kids from school. It was like working two jobs. There was times when I got home at 4am and got back up at 745 am to take kids to school and then went back to bed u till noon, then got my food ready for work and then went picking up kids. Then I was off to work for the night. I saw my kids for maybe 2 hours a day. The weekends were so jammed pack doing family things, that we never got time to relax.

  2. Krystal Martin i think you may have missed the point that they shouldnt still be charging while they arent providing a service

  3. You don’t want the person who cares for, and helps to raise your child, have a paid break? Sad

  4. Amanda Yakem Amanda Yakem says:

    She takes care of your child (children) Let her take a break; this is fully understandable!

  5. I am not the day homes employer, that would mean every other parent is their employer as well. So that means I don’t pay their vacation. I don’t agree with paying for a day home to take a holiday. If that is the case I have to take time off or pay double to have someone else watch my child. I get it’s not the best paying position but I’m paying for services. If the service is not being provided then I don’t pay for the service. Simple as that! Daycares can let their employees take vacation but I still get child care unless it’s a holiday. If I take a holiday I get I pay to hold the spot while I’m on a holiday.

  6. I bet you expect paid vacation and your day home provider deserves the same.. Am I wrong?

  7. Providers work hard and definitely need a break like any job. I understand what your saying because not only are you paying to hold your spot, but now you have to pay someone to watch your kids. Its a tough one, I know some day cares that do this too not only dayhomes. Before signing a contract, maybe discuss an agreement you both can live with. I used a dayhome part time and eve on the part time it was a holiday so it would leave me with 2 days a week, so the provider let me make up the extra day. Talk to them and make a plan, they are human and need a break but they are reasonable as well. Good luck

  8. Andrea Kates Andrea Kates says:

    Great pay?! Dayhome providers are definitely not in it for the great pay because when you break it down and consider all of the expenses that we put out to run a dayhome we’re not making great pay!
    I see there are a lot of mixed opinions here but the people who believe dayhome providers should get paid holiday time have either been a dayhome provider before so they know what goes into it OR they just value their caregivers who love and take care of their most precious babies while they go to work.
    When you pay a monthly rate ( should be about 20 days/mo) you’re not actually paying for only those days because many months of the year have extra days that you’re NOT getting charged for in your monthly rate so when a caregiver requests and states in the contract that you agree to sign they will be having 3 weeks paid vacation time…that 3 weeks “paid vacation time” really only makes up for all the extra days that you’re not being charged for every month.

  9. That’s why I have always used Daycare’s .

  10. Trish Down this right here! My daughter was with Beth more then she was with us during the week and Olivia would not be the smart girl she is today had she been with anyone else.

  11. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    Jessica Van Aalst Beth Hutchison
    Beth, you were a godsend for us, and a great start for Kaleigh. I think people just need to research and interview places more thoroughly. Painting people with opinionated brushes is always an incorrect approach to anything. The world has changed in ways that make me sad. More kids should experience the environment Beth provided for my daughter. Thank you so much.

  12. Cyndi Rog Cyndi Rog says:

    Fir thw nay sayers to paid vacation…..aren’t your kids worth it? I mean you all want my tax dollars going to more schools, better health care, etc but balk at paid vacatuon for those that take care of your kids. What a bunch of frigging hypocrites!!!

  13. Our last daycare was full priced and still closed last 2 weeks of July and first 2 weeks of August. Vacation is good just need staggered time off as my work doesn’t close when I go on vacation

  14. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    Everyone deserves a vacation! Especially those who are watching your kids plus other kids. It’s a stressful job and guess what:
    Someones got to do it right??!!!
    So why shouldnt they get “paid” vacation as well?!

  15. Mandy Materi Mandy Materi says:

    Ashley Gaulton Melanie Olechow this person is already getting a deal any dayhome I know are charging families 800 to 1000 a month now cause life is to damn expensive here. People are ignorant and have no concept of running a business and what it takes to do so. Would this same person be botching if they went on a two week holidays enter they had to pay a months worth of rent for it. Mmmm no probably not. If they don’t like it find a regulated dayhome not joe blow off the street chances are she agreed to it when signing a contract and if she didn’t sign a contract their dumb lol

  16. I have always paid vacation for all of my Day home providers.
    I have never requested money back for sick leave or bereavement either.

    This is your children second home. Treat these providers with mad respect and how are you wish to be paid for your employment, and they truly go to the end of the earth for your children.

  17. Alison Kuz Alison Kuz says:

    Ok. I am on the fence with this, in many many ways. First of all, let’s use the 20 days/ month example, as most people do not work more than five days a week. That means they already have weekends and long weekends off. $600/month was the suggested price; I have no idea if that is the reasonable amount charged. That is $30/day. That works out to $1800/biweekly or $3600/ month. That is more than some daycare spots. People are talking about the cost of feeding their charges—please do not tell me you spend 100’s of dollars per week to feed them; most are babies and toddlers! Babies will come with supplies most of the time and how much does a toddler eat??? You talk about extra hydro, etc….why? Do you and your family not live there? Do you really expect me to believe having more bodies in your home gives you cause to set the heat higher?? are some of these costs not negated when the day home files for tax write offs as they are allowed (square footage, supplies, toys, etc…..if you transport your charges you can also write off your vehicle to a degree, and mileage!).
    What I thought the question was, before everyone started attacking the question, was whether or not it was fair to pay for the day-home’s vacation.. my answer? NO. You are running a personal business. Period. You DO receive many perks—being able to stay home in bad weather, being able to schedule your plans around activities, having day time hours (I am sure there may be some day homes that might do evenings) plus the added bonus of being able to do things like make calls/personal calls/answer emails/pay bills/etc while the kids are napping. I do not know of anyone else who owns their own business who demands that their customers pay them to take a vacation! So, yes, go ahead and take your vacation, but please be a great businessperson and give your families at least a month’s notice that you will be away. And NEVER charge them the days the children will not be in your care.
    It makes it sound like there is a vast shortage of day homes, so they can charge whatever they like and no one will call them on it, for fear of losing their spot. THAT is extremely bad business in my opinion. Is the next step going to be asking people for benefits and pensions too????

    • Alison Kuz when kids nap you clean you cook you prepare for when they wake up. you have parents who drop off their kids that are under the weather. you interact and teach them manner, help potty train, teach then alphabets and numbers, you take them to parks and walks. there is more to running a dayhome than talking on the phone and watching TV ( if your provider does that maybe that’s why you only pay 600 bucks) if your child misses days that’s not your providers fault. and you should pay. you are taking a spot that some other parent can be using. as for paid holidays.. I’m not a big fan of them and so booking your holidays to work with theirs is a good idea. 2 weeks off to spend with your own children and do something for yourself can be much needed. if you look at daycare providers as people who are on salary then you will understand the pay a bit more. .

    • Pam Taggart Pam Taggart says:

      Most good dayhome providers work a minimum of 10 hours a day with children. As for the electricity do you use the lights and power all day? Do you have to keep a warm house/apartment all day?
      Any time napping is used to fill out information for parents, wash dishes, create new activities, set up craft ideas, make parent boards/posters. And it’s not like she/he can just go to the bank whenever they want or go get groceries that all has to be done on their own time not to mention looking for specific things for these children. I think dayhome workers need time off for sanity sakes.

    • Alison Kuz Alison Kuz says:

      Ward Christine exactly my point. The only question raised was should parents pay for their day home workers’ vacations–and I 100% disagree you should have to! Yes they can have vacation, of course, but not charging families while you are away. This is your personal business; no other personal businesses charge clients for work not done!
      And yes, I DO know how hard day home workers work, the point of the ideas was some of the advantages that a day home worker has–you cannot do any if those suggestions in a workplace without being subject to discipline. Just a few of the perks of working out of your own home. Maybe the day home workers/owners who are so “insulted” that someone would challenge them about paying them technically to take a vacation should become a before/after school day home instead?? Maybe it would lighten their workload and stress?

    • Alison Kuz Alison Kuz says:

      Pam Taggart right. So do the rest of us who work outside the home! We can’t just run to the bank or grocery shop when we want either!
      I get the prep time for activities and such, but I am sure a really well prepared day home owner has a stack of ideas or a schedule made out that can be repeated monthly or bi monthly….same with menus and menu planning. What parent info are you filling out EVERY day? And you are saying that you are complaining about the actual job qualifications/duties you have to complete for your business??? I hope not, as once again–it is YOUR business! Many many business owners have to contribute 10-16 hour days to maintain a profit!
      Again, the original question was about being paid to take a vacation. No. As a business owner, you should be deducting part of your salary intake for benefits, pension AND vacation. I don’t feel ANY type of personal business owner should be asking you to cover their holidays! Yes, take holidays like the rest of us, absolutely! But also pay for them yourself!! You should bot be charging for days when you are not available! Is it even legal to do so??

  18. Ashley Gaulton if daycare workers were like you, Mandy Materi and Sheena Buff…I’m sure she would surely pay the vacation pay. When you get whatever creepy crawler that “needs money” and decides this is the way they’re going to do it and cut corners everywhere, then yes I wouldn’t pay it either.

  19. Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

    All of you guys bitching about what thankless work day home work is should really choose a less expensive option if you’re working well below min wage and it’s eating your soul.

  20. They are sub contractors. Sub contractors don’t get paid holiday pay. They budget for holidays.

  21. Nicole Kott Nicole Kott says:

    My sister runs a day home, I think she absolutely deserves a paid vacation!! Not only is she amazing with the kids, but she works her ass off everyday! She gives PLENTY of notice before she takes ANY days & for what she gives, her pay is not great.

  22. Hold on I’ve been using dayhomes for years and my provider has never had a paid vacation. I pay for the month she’s away but the next month they take the money off for the time she’s away because we pay at the beginning of the month

  23. By law, you get paid vacation pay. Whether it’s on every check or saved for when you’re on a vacation and missing the time from work, you still get it. You sound like you’re more cut out for a daycare.

  24. Like, you mustn’t get that it’s a hard job that doesn’t pay great.. *Flips hair*

  25. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Quit and raise your own damn kids then!!

  26. Jessica Van Aalst you’re awesome Jess!

  27. Beth Hutchison seriously, ignorance and entitlement here.
    I wouldn’t be able to do what you do.
    It’s disgusting to see and hear how individuals think they are above others.
    Like get off your high horse and watch your own damn kids then.

  28. My sons daycare is only closed on stat holidays so maybe look into a daycare like mine if your having a issue with paying your day homes vacation.

  29. Jessica Van Aalst this makes me mad that someone thinks so little about what a day home mom/ dad does! And that we make a ton of money…ok person…you open a day home…run it and see how much money you make. And just because we are self employed does not mean that we aren’t entitled to two weeks paid time off!

  30. Dawn Neufeld Dawn Neufeld says:

    So do you get a discount on your rent or mortgage if you take vactaion?

  31. Tara Boucher Tara Boucher says:

    I loved that my provider had time off to regroup and rest. Everyone needs that and caring for children is hard work.

  32. Day homes are less expensive than day cares and while you take your vacation you are expected to pay in full at a daycare.
    So going with a private day home even though you pay vacation fee you are still saving $$.
    The average hourly cost for someone to watch your child is $3/ hr with food in a day home.
    From that $3 that provider has to spend $$$ on toys and supplies, food, water, electricity and replacement of damage to home etc.
    Work a 9 hour or longer day without brakes.
    Have no pension or health benefits.
    No bonuses or raises.
    Just pay the vacation pay…just take your vacation at the same time.

  33. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Ok. So … you don’t want the person who cares for, educates, plays with, maintains the safety and security of your child, whom they likely love like their own, to take a break? You don’t want that amazing person to relax a bit and destress? I guarantee that day home provider will be much happier and healthier after a break. Just as you are when you use vacation time. Get over yourself.

    • Tannis Fong you’re putting every care giver into the same category. This is unequivocally not true. I had my son in an amazing daycare/after school care centre. My sister had her daughter in a day home and there was simply no comparison.
      Not all daycares and not all care providers are created equally.

    • Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

      Melanie Olechow if you don’t care for your care provider, as a parent, that it on *you* to make a change. Absolutely not every situation is identical, but I wouldn’t put my children anywhere *less* than amazing. They deserve the best care, as do yours.

  34. I have worked both in a day home and a daycare, and let’s clarify some daycares close for winter break and charge for those days as well. It’s not just day homes.
    When you go on vacation do you complain that you have to still pay your mortgage or car payment even though you are not using them? You pay for them regardless if you are using them or not. You rent a hotel and rent a car but don’t complain that you are already paying for lodging and transportation back home. Perspective.

  35. Day cares do the same thing. Your paying for your child’s spot whether they are there or not.

  36. Diane Lee Diane Lee says:

    I ran a day home for almost 20 yrs and took no vacation af all but everyone gets vacation I finally started after 15 yrs because I deserve one to! Just as the parents got paid vacation

  37. 600 dollars for 2 weeks at 40 hours/week is $7.50 per hour. Explain how half the minimum wage is “great pay”.

  38. You’re a piece of shit , you cant handle a two week vacation and having to watch your kids , could you imagine having to actually watch them and multiple other kids EVERYDAY fuck you and your sense of entitlement , every employee in the country deserves vacation time specially your daycare provider , how would you feel if your work told you it was absolutely unacceptable for you to take anydays off cause then they would have to do some of your work for you and they just dont want the responsibility

    Sit down and shut up

  39. Wow I’ve been a dayhome provider for 11 years and have not asked my parents to pay for my vacation leave. In fact when I take time off I give them back their daily rate for the days I’m gone.

  40. Plus what in the world makes you think salary is banked time? It is your monthly pay. If you can bank your time, you must be working overtime.

  41. If you don’t get a paid vacation, that’s your problem. You settled with a job that doesn’t give you one. That’s not the fault of your child care provider – who is self employed and entitled to create the job as they see fit.

  42. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    Wow… 1. ok so you get a paid vacation its 4% of what you make from your employer.
    2. Most dayhomes base fees off of 20 days per month.. if you will look at a calendar you will see some months have quite a few days more then a 4 week period. So these “extra” days are banked as vacation days. And 3. Like many stated already its actually not good pay when you factor in all that is provided.

    • Amber Dawn some of those months also have additional stat holidays. I don’t agree with OP, just saying.

    • Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

      I get that. And some dayhome providers choose to work stats and take no vacations – but they get burnt out very quickly. I know I did when I was doing 7 days a week care. Once that was done I put paid vacation and sick days into my contract. I feel it comes down to how much respect one has for their dayhome provider. Non of my parents had a problem when I took 3 weeks off paid last year. And this year I’ve had to close 5 times already for medical appointments for me and my own kids. They are all awesome and incredibly supportive.

  43. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Bailey K Lassesen look at this ignorance.

    • Pay the vacation, or pay higher fees year round. It works out to the same. I don’t do paid vacation, but I fully understand those who do. And I’d like to make it perfectly clear, that dayhome providers are NOT raking it in haha My gross is mediocre, at best. My net (the amount after I feed the children, buy crafts, toys, books, pay for gas to transport them) is so far below the poverty line, you’d think I only worked 15 hour weeks instead of 45

  44. Methinks you protest too much. Everyone needs a holiday.

  45. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    On the other hand, how about the day home providers who work a week and then find a reason to expell your child leaving you with paid child care u cant use for the other 3. Thats more worrisome than the child care providers needing a break from your little terrorists

  46. Kendra Laine Kendra Laine says:

    Ok. So I remember having similar thoughts AT FIRST when my kids were in a dayhome. And then I stopped to think about it.
    Its not great pay. These people are only getting paid about 3 or 4 dollars an hour per kid after food, activities, crafts, etc. That’s hardly anything. Then let’s consider the fact that they are working 10+ hour days sometimes, they work lots of holidays and my old dayhome lady used to cover my ass even when it was outside her operating hours. She loved my kids like they were her own and we are still in contact even though I don’t use her anymore. That is a relationship you can’t pay for.
    So I get it. Its pricey. But you’re paying to hold your spot, and I know personally my lady used to break up her time to make it easier on the parents. We even coordinated our vacations before. If you took off for two weeks you would still pay to hold your spot, yes? It’s the same thing.
    Communication is great. See if she can recommend a sub while she is gone. See if she is breaking up her time off. See if you can schedule your own vacation at the same time, if you do that kind of thing. Be flexible and fair. This is a person that cares for and loves your children. Be good to her.

  47. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    My day home provider is going for an 8 week holiday to her home country this summer. You think I care? No I love her for loving my child! She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to make my child have a safe and loving place to spend while we work/go to school. So no, I don’t mind paying her vacation time because she does more than she needs to and she deserves to spend time with family. 3 days after her father in law passed away? She was back taking my daughter because she didn’t wanna go longer which meant my daughter going to a backup and she wanted to see my daughter. We brought her flowers and a card because we value the work she does. If you don’t wanna pay them fairly, then don’t use a licensed and validated daytime provider. Use someone without a crim check, without all the mandated certificates required to be Alberta approved.

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      Aly Marie you plan to pay for 2 months of childcare youre not recieving??? Wow! Must be nice to be that rich

    • Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

      Becki Pound lolol not rich. I pay the same amount every month and shes going to a backup but good to know you agree that people who care for children and make shitty money don’t deserve time off. You’re also paying for their spot so they can stay there, don’t be ignorant.

    • Lisa O Lisa O'Neill says:

      Aly Marie I think the difference is that your provider is providing for a backup, which you don’t have to pay extra for. People who use private day homes have to pay for both the providers time off and the care they need while the provider is away, so they pay twice. Which is why I went with a licensed dayhome because the agency finds alternate care at no extra cost when mine is unavailable.

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      Thankyou for explaining, but having a spare provider is miles away from paying for 2. So think about it feom posters perspective, its not the holiday taken its the clients and children who suffer without any day home support during this time and have to make hard choices

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      Not once did i say they didnt deserve time off, putting words in my mouth isnt stating your case

    • Naila Jina Naila Jina says:

      Aly Marie so to clarify, you are not paying her vacation time, you will be paying for the alternate care? Much different.

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      Naila Jina thankyou…..right?

  48. Yen Do Yen Do says:

    We get paid vacation time so why not day home providers? Put on your mommy panties and get off the internet and find another means of child care for your children.

  49. Your a piece of work it’s like any other job they are entitled to vacation and let’s not forget they are looking after your most prized possession even you get a break from your little darlings when you go to work the caregiver also needs a break, unbelievable!

  50. As a provider, this hurts my heart! it is NOT great pay. I work 10 to 15 hours a day simply because my day doesn’t end when the children leave. I probably get paid $2/ hr per child (If that) after I feed, entertain ect. It is probably the most physical job I have had, and I put a great deal of Love, passion and Heart into what I do. Costs to operate would blow your mind. You are paying way less then in a Daycare centre so really if you have a problem with your providers well deserved paid vacation then maybe go to a Daycare then? you will likely pay A LOT more though.

  51. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    I’m sure theyd happily trade no paid vacation for minimum wage and vacation pay added to that. Do the math on what you are paying your provider before they feed your child, can you afford them to ask for minimum wage instead?

  52. Find a good daycare, their staff don’t leave you needing care for your kids. I never once had to pay a daycare for care my child didn’t receive.

    • Also she no where says that her provider does not deserve a holiday , all you people jumping down her throat, maybe she can’t afford both?! Maybe it’s a stretch for her to pay as it is ( like a lot of people living payday to payday.) Glad all of you are so rich. I for one, cannot and will not pay for a service I don’t receive. It is up to her to provide herself a holiday.

  53. I find the statement “it’s great money” hilarious. You have no idea what goes into running a day home or a daycare.

    Daycares also close and its paid vacation time .

  54. Everyone with a job is entitled to vacation pay. Choosing to take that as vacation time rather than paid out is an option for many employers, and should not depend on *your* schedule.

  55. Joanne Hall Joanne Hall says:

    Since they run their own business, they set their own terms. If you don’t like it, find something else.

  56. So what you’re saying is, you’d rather your dayhome provider suffer from burnout from never catching a break and long term this would impact the quality of care you recieve than find coverage for 2 weeks out of a year?

  57. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    So just because it’s an inconvenience and you didn’t plan, the poor person who subjects herself and her home to your and others’ germ factories as a fulltime job doesn’t deserve a holiday? Mmmkay.

  58. Sounds like a lot of people here run private day homes lol

  59. Do you have any idea what your dayhome provider actually does for you each day? If you did you wouldn’t be complaining that your provider gets a holiday.
    I gladly pay full monthly rate while my day home lady takes her 2 weeks holiday and I find somewhere for my child to be OR like an organized parent I have coordinated my holidays with my providers holidays and then I don’t have to pay someone else.
    At your job should your boss give your holiday pay to person filling in for you while your gone?Being a day home provider is a hard job and they deserve holidays as much as I do. She is caring for my child like he is her own when I’m not there and for me that’s …… PRICELESS.

  60. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Wow. Ok. Let me educate you. Dayhome providers do not make great money. If you are paying $600 a month that’s less than $3 per hour. But that’s times 6 children you say? Sure it is. So let’s say $16 an hour. Except they have to provide food, crafts, toilet paper, water, toys, and cleaning supplies. Some even supply diapers and/or wipes. They start before everyone else in the morning and end their day after everyone else in the evening. After hours they are doing program planning, shopping, meal preparing, sanatizing, and a million other things. Making easily for a 60+ hour work week. Minus the expenses and account for the extra hours and the grand total is less than $10 an hour. Then let’s talk about how emotionally draining and stressful it is and how high the burn out rate is. They cant show up late if they are tired, they cant step out for lunch, they cant knock off early for an appointment or step out for their childs school event. Also as self employed individuals they can put anything they want in their contract. You in turn don’t have to sign it. Don’t want to pay vacation? Don’t. But then don’t have quality child care. Pay your provider, tell her she deserves that paid vacation, get her some flowers for being an uneducated jerk and take several seats.

    • So much this ^^^ and I’ll add in the extra utilities, insurance, extra cost for those who transport, first aid and education, spare clothing and other items bought for when parents forget to send their child with shoes/coats/hats/sunscreen/mittens/ect……

    • Um Naser Um Naser says:

      Ashley Cragg thank you !! I run a day home and was shocked. It makes me happy that some people realize this stuff.

    • Agreed. And if you don’t like that they take time for themselves then you should put your kid in a daycare instead of a dayhome.

    • Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

      even daycares have closures. Most close for spring break and a week every year for a deep clean.

    • Jennifer Schelpe i love her hahah

    • Vanessa Rem Vanessa Rem says:

      YES THIS. Dayhome providers still need time to recoup like any other worker.

    • Alishah Madhani me too. She’s the best ❤️

    • Ashley Cragg even before reading comments I posted almost the identical comment as yours. Only those who have worked in childcare will understand all the behind the scenes upkeep. Sad when others just look at the price tag and not everything and everywhere that fee goes.

    • Ashley Cragg they don’t usually close for spring break or a deep clean. Usually the only closure that long is from the day before Christmas Eve to after New Years.

    • Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

      Melanie Olechow depends on the daycare. My friends daycare closes for spring break and during teachers convention week for cleaning and another week for staff to take updated classes on early childhood education. So that’s 3 weeks.

    • Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

      Also let’s remember that daycares have a full staff. It’s not one mom at home doing it all and juggling life.

    • As a parent that used a day home, I don’t agree with paying for a service I am not getting. I supplied my child’s meals and snacks. As well as his milk. I always supplied diapers, wipes, sunscreen, extra clothes. Christmas presents were given, snacks for others were sent. I even sent toys for my son to play with. When my day home provider needed time off for an appointment or was sick, I had to take time off work….which means I lost pay…..but I still had to pay for that day for childcare I didn’t receive. I was also self employed at one point. When I took time off, it was without pay. I didn’t get to bill my clients for services they didn’t receive in order for me to have a paycheck while I was on holidays. As for some of the duties like meal planning, cleaning, etc. Those are things the provider would be doing anyway for her own family. I have no doubt day home providers work hard and take good care of the children they care for. But parents should you have to pay for their holidays. They shouldn’t have to pay for a service they are not providing.

    • Ashley Cragg how about the day home provider save some of their pay for each month to cover their holidays? As I said, I was also self employed at one time. Long hours, unpaid overtime etc. When you choose to be self employed, you accept that you don’t get the same “perks” for lack of a better word as you would being an employee. I didn’t bill my clients for services they didn’t receive for my “vacation” pay. I saved money or I didn’t take holidays. I have nothing but respect for people that choose to care for others children. It is a very important job. But parents should not have to pay for services they don’t receive. I’m sorry, but that is my opinion. You of course are entitled to your own.

    • Its amazing how People think they know what it takes just because they are a parent. I’m not even a parent but know enough that when someone else is taking care of your child day in and day out You should be grateful and only want the best for them, so they in turn can give the best to Your child in the hours upon hours upon hours that you’re Not.

    • Personally I’d like a rested, recharged person looking after my children. Everyone needs and deserved a break.

  61. That’s a private Dayhome for you. If you use an agency, you are allowed to use another agency home while yours is on holidays, or sick.

  62. Sarah Klein Sarah Klein says:

    Do you get vacation? If you’re okay giving up your vacation at work then I can understand this but likely you are not okay with that. This person cares for your child along with many others for very little pay and deserves a break yet your so selfish you think only of yourself, not the benefit to your child or provider. They deserve to decompress from time to time just as you do. Not only do I support my dayhome provider taking a vacation, I encourage it. We all need mental breaks, especially someone who deals with children. Don’t like it? Pay more and use a daycare. This is the trade off you knew about when choosing to use a dayhome.

  63. When you go to daycare you pay as well or lose your spot!

  64. It’s actually horrible pay.
    $850ish per kid max 6 kids with no benefits or sick days?
    $5100 gross minus all of the supplies they need, food to feed your kids, the 12+ hour days… no. So much no.

    Ya my dayhome provider can take 2 weeks paid vacation a year. I’ll figure it out. Thanks.

    I would crumble if I had to do what she has to do.

  65. Kim Breland Kim Breland says:

    I wouldn’t say a dayhome provider makes great pay!

  66. It’s not great pay… it’s actually awful when you break it down by hours. Just needed to put that in there. $50 day rate over 8hrs is 6.50 an hour. Even if you have the max kids it’s still not great because you are extending more energy and time not including cleanup, preparations, etc.

  67. That’s a private Dayhome for you. If you use an agency, you are allowed to use another agency home while yours is on holidays, or sick.

  68. Everyone gets “paid vacation” of some kind. You either accrue vacation days that are taken and paid or you accrue vacation hours and use those if you take time off. Some companies may pay you outright for your vacation hours but you still get paid for them. So unless you own your own business and are not able to give yourself paid vacation, you get it in some form. Why should dayhome providers not get what is in the labour standards that everyone else gets? I am sure your employer either gives you vacation days or vacation pay and if they do not I would be taking that up with the labour standards board.

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