First, I want to say that I don’t know if this should be a friendly reminder, concern, driving related, or a rant! So, I decided on a friendly reminder.
The other day, I was travelling through a neighbourhood (along 120 St, just north of 127 Ave). I never drive fast through the neighbourhoods because of children or animals. As I was driving, a young boy came flying out from in front of a parked car, riding his bike. He didn’t stop, didn’t slow down, and most frighteningly, didn’t look in either direction to see if a vehicle was coming. It startled me when he flew onto the road, but fortunately, I had enough time to react, and slowed down.
However, the concern I have is that there are many who don’t drive slowly through our residential areas; driving far faster than the 30 kph-50 kph speed limits. Had I been driving even 5 kph over the speed limit, it would have put me in line to hit that child and send him to the hospital. And, sadly you know whose fault it would have been? Mine. Yup, you would have blamed me! Everyone would have blamed me. And yes, while I might have been speeding, your little “angel” would have also been to blame – but nobody would have seen it that way because I’m the adult, and he’s a child.
So, I’m asking you to please take a moment to remind your children to stop before they ride their bikes onto the road. PLEASE. Right or wrong, I would never want to harm a child because of their lack of fear of getting hit by a car. Driving the speed limit, I still can’t stop on a dime. Those who speed, certainly can’t stop fast enough for your child. I respect the rules of the road and pay attention to speed signs, including the ones for playground zones. People get choked at me for doing 30 kph, but I don’t care. I want your kids to be safe. Please, please, give me the peace of mind that you also want your kids to be safe. I can’t do it alone!



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