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Partner wants someone else

Just wondering how many people run into this.

You pour everything you have into being a good partner and lover and your partner just masterbates and kills their sex drive with porn that is zero reflection of who you are or stand for?



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  1. So talk to them about it and come to a compromise? Don’t go to the extent of he should respect your wishes and shut him down, but maybe work on your relationship and communication about what you both would like in bed. If you feel you guys can’t get past it then maybe you guys aren’t right for each other.

  2. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    I know a guy who gets caught by his wife beating off and he just says “well baby you caught me, better help finish me off now”. Always making jokes about beating his dick like it owes him money. Maybe you’re a prude?

  3. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Two things, have you let yourself go? When’s the last time you fucked him?

  4. Maybe that’s why I can’t keep it up anymore

  5. Kyle Bolt Kyle Bolt says:

    Should probably talk them about it, most things if left undealt with can always build to more then it has to be. Communication usually is always the best solution

  6. Porn helped destroy my marriage it’s a problem!

  7. Nobody should be 100% of everything to someone else. You need different experiences and people to make you who you are…. at least your partner is being honest instead of just cheating on you?? Maybe consider having an in-depth discussion about it more and see what exactly is missing from their lives. Maybe it’s something you can work on together (I.e.: like maybe a threesome or swinging? – since the topic was sex)

  8. Definitely communicate with him or her. Might be they don’t really want someone else—they’re just bored.

  9. I’m not even sure that there is enough information here to conclude that this person has a porn addiction.

  10. It may not be who you are but it’s obviously who your partner is. Join in. Add some excitement and spice. You may find that you and your partner could enjoy it “together”. It’s all about keeping EACH OTHER happy!

  11. Pam Newcombe Pam Newcombe says:

    There a reason they call it an addiction. Trying to get him to stop won’t work you gotta get him into see a therapist if he actually wants to stop.
    If he doesn’t want to stop, there’s no way you getting angry will help it’ll just create a wedge in your relationship

  12. There are a lot of people that have watched so much porn that, that’s the only thing they can get off on. It’s more common than most of us think.

  13. If your partner came to you for sex as often as they masturbate you’d get tired if it real fast.

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