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This local company does a variety of dog boarding, training, grooming, etc. People pay THOUSANDS of dollars to have their dog board and trained at their facility for a variety of reasons and I wish these dog owners would realize what they’re submitting their dogs to when they’re trusting Monika to train their dogs.

She forcefully trains the dogs with shock collars. It’s disgusting. They’re terrified animals and she (Monika) brags about how great this dog is doing so quickly. YAH NO KIDDING! I’d be submissive too if I was being shocked!

The collars are visible in her posts and any good dog owner should know that this type of training is not humane or acceptable. You can see the stress in the dogs body language by their cowering, panting and their eye movements. Her website is cleverly disguised to look like it’s a happy place with effective training, but she’s smart. She doesn’t talk about how she trains those dogs so people are fooled by her unicorn fluffy positive wording.

I wish she could be shut down. Or paraded around town like the Game of Thrones, Cersei’s Walk of Atonement, except with a shock collar on.

If you own a dog, please do not trust this company or any of the trainers. Please do your research on proper force free training and find trainers that work that way.



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  1. K.P. says:

    This lady should not be anywhere near dogs. She cut my dogs nail so short that there was blood spraying all over. She then proceeded to try to muzzle my dog in order to continue the nail cutting. I’m watching through the glass and immediately told a staff member to stop the nail trim and bring my dog out ASAP. She accused my dog of trying to bite her, of course she would! You just injured her! After the wailing and screaming stopped from my dog she brought her out to the front and yelled at me to never bring my dog in again on a full moon, in addition yelled at me that my dog got blood all over the floor and now she’s forced to waste time cleaning up the blood. Ummm excuse me?? This woman is not fit to be in close proximity to these animals.

  2. Anne says:

    This woman also promotes the use of prong collars, and what a “wonderful tool” they are. Dog owners need to be aware of the aversive techniques she uses and the fear these dogs live in while in her hands. Your dog is being trained to be fearful. A dog is never happy one a shock or prong collar. Research before you take your dogs to her.

  3. Peter says:

    It breaks my heart to see dog trainers fighting like this in such a public manner. None of this does anything to raise our profession to a level of excellence.

    I have been working with dogs for 30 years and in that time I have watched dog trainers become dangerously polarized in their thinking. Trainers toss the word “abuse” around like candy and all the while they are fighting our clients, (the people who need us), read this and become more confused.

    A little humility and a LOT of love goes a long way when dealing with issues like this. I do not believe, not for a moment, that anyone is capable of truly loving an animals when they can treat other human beings so badly.

    Here, then, to all of the dog owners who stumble on this, I would like to extend my sincere apologizes on behalf of the dog training profession. This is not the way professionals behave and it is not reflective of a mature dog training community.

    ADVICE: If you feel a trainer is abusive please contact the appropriate authorities. If, in fact, a person is found to be abusing an animal that is a criminal offence and should be investigated. You can report abuse in Edmonton at the Edmonton Humane Society. Their number is, 780-491-3517

    With The Deepest Respect For Everyone, I wish you well.

  4. Amber says:

    Heather, I’m sorry but you are very misinformed!
    E-collar (electric collars!!) Are shock collars. It’s what they do. SHOCK the dog to get the behaviour you want.
    Yes slip leads are aversive. It chokes the dog (hurting the dog!) To again get the behaviour you want.
    Those dogs are so shut down (learned helplessness) it’s heart breaking to see. There are pictures and videos as proof!! The dog’s behaviour does not lie.

    To learn that a Rescue uses her as a trainer is even worse!!!! Those poor dogs deserve so much better.

  5. Heather says:

    Wow, I wish you’d educate yourself before submitting something like this. BIG difference between shock collars and e-collars. What you see is an e-collar NOT shock collar. Slip leads are not aversive training. People please educate before blindly following others’ opinions

  6. Jackson says:

    It’s not slander if it’s true. Shock collars and the body language of the dogs is very clear evidence. Once people learn there is an effective and KIND way to train they’re will no longer be a demand for “training” of this sort. Unfortunately people have now become use to instant gratification in that world of social media and want quick results regardless of the methods used. Be the change you want to see in the world…

  7. John says:

    It’s not slander in written word. It would be alleged Libel, would be the accurate term.
    Again though , it would only fall into that category if it were not proveable. Either by evidence, which she supplies in her own videos, or by customer experience, which is the case.
    Please learn the language we have all grown up with.

  8. Meagan says:

    To the person who wrote this, many people in the dog community thank you for bringing a light in so others can evaluate.
    There is tons of proof all over social media of them using aversive techniques, and usually more than one (slip lead and ecollars). We encourage people to educate themselves and do as much research as they can and if they don’t know, please please ask for help!

  9. Jessie says:

    Absolutely true. I’m glad that someone has finally called her out publicly. Watch even one video on her page for proof. Any of the videos that SHE has posted. She’s abusive and uneducated and people need to know the truth so that they can keep their dogs safe from people like this.

  10. Amy says:

    This is completely inappropriate and needs to be removed! This is more than an opinion, this is slander!

  11. J says:

    This rant is complete slander! Pretty disgusting in my opinion.

  12. Brad says:

    I thought this was being removed did to the slanderous nature of it?

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