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Has anyone ever gotten offers for huggies pull ups? I always get pampers offers but I was always buying pampers diapers but now we are potty training and using huggies pull ups I was wondering if we are ever going to get offered points for huggies?



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  1. Emma Kolskog Emma Kolskog says:

    No, but the best place for pull ups is Costco anyway!

  2. Amy Michelle Amy Michelle says:

    .coupon crazied Canada I think

  3. Amy Michelle Amy Michelle says:

    Check out coupon pages on fb they have aĺl the details

  4. I hate that the pharmacists took away the right to collect points on prescriptions. My points for Viagra alone were enough to get free groceries every couple of months.

  5. Kasey Wood Kasey Wood says:

    I also suggest getting the pc insiders program if you shop at superstore for diapers, you 200 points for every $1 spent

  6. Nasab Radwan Nasab Radwan says:

    My understanding is that the offers are based on an algorithm of your past purchases. If you buy some Huggies, it’ll start to see that you use them and start giving offers on those products”

  7. I have gotten offers for huggies. If you buy them a few times it will show up on your offers after a while.

  8. Leigh Mack Leigh Mack says:

    The stuff I get offers for isn’t the same as what my friends get offers for.

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