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Peace officers are just as abusive as police

It’s not just the police that are abusing citizens, Peace officers are just as bad.

I was 5 months pregnant, I was walking through Stadium station, was not near the trains, I was downstairs by the atm and snack machines. A male peace officer approached me asking for my transfer, which of course I did not have, I was walking from one side of stadium station to the other, like I said , peacefully and in zero contact with transit in anyway.

I was polite and I was calm explaining I was just walking through. Before I knew it, this Peace Officer grabbed my arm spun me around , popping my shoulder out of its socket and then pinned me on the ground on my stomach. I was crying, I was scared. I did not understand why. He kept saying I was resisting , which I wasn’t , I was pinned on the ground for ZERO reason. EPS was called, the Peace officers words where I was evading fare payment and on drugs. Yes, a visably pregnant woman who had zero prior arrests was being treated like a criminal. I don’t know the police officers name , I can’t remember but he put me in the back of the cop car and did the search to see who I was and found nothing to give him any reason to book me downtown. In the back of that cop car , I started cramping and bleeding. The officer released me from his custody but was nice enough to drop me on the corner by where Wendy’s use to be by the Royal Alex , from there I basically crawled to the emergency room. Not Only was my shoulder dislocated with a slight fracture , I lost the baby as well. I never spoke of this incident, I was too scared to speak .

This was back in 2004, before social media and the internet and everything was around. I have never stepped foot in or on a bus or transit station since for fear and constant anxiety of what if this happens again. 16 years and I still have zero trust for law officials. I don’t know or understand why me. Why this happened. I am just a Caucasian female. Sadly though anyone with a badge or even a little bit of power sometimes abuses it. What’s even worse is how many people out there who have been victims but have choosen not to say anything because of fear. Fear that has to stop. This can’t keep going on. Law enforcement is there to protect citizens not make them scared. Change has to happen and has to happen now.



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