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This guy likes little girls convicted pedophile. Now he’s out of jail. Let the street justice begin. He’s worked as a bouncer at different bars and also as a landscaper. If anyone man or woman has had him around your children please talk to them and ensure he has not abused them in secret.

This BOBBY KALMAKOFF is also forceful towards grown adult women.

He’s sick disgusting pedophile. He has never been nothing kore than a practice mule for the Eskimos and a practice punching bag for MMA.



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  1. Bobs Uruncle says:

    First off the MSM writer who did the article linked to in the Journal is a POS….that writer should be fired….this pig did not “take advantage of a 12-13 year old girl”….he RAPED HER EVERY TIME HE HAD CONTACT WITH HER…he ABUSED HER every single time he had contact with her.

    Does anyone know if this guy ever worked at the Highwayman or at a small Lounge on the Southside kitty corner to the Public Library there?If he did someone wants to talk to him.

  2. This guy Needs a beating Sicko

  3. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Sharpe Barb this is where to post a warning about Dana fash, you can submit one! I can’t submit posts

  4. Ai Lee Ai Lee says:

    There’s so many names. Wow

  5. Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

    If this is an anonymous site. Then the names should be removed…there is clearly bitterness here. Making the validity and delivery of this post in POOR taste.

  6. I remember him when he worked at Bar Wild off of Whyte Ave I never would have thought

  7. Shoutout Edmonton can you remove the sisters name please?

  8. Shoutout Edmonton please star out the poor girls name.

  9. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Putting his sister name onhere is not okay. I’ve read up on this case a lot and from what I’ve read she and him were both put through absolute hell during their childhoods. It doesn’t excuse his behaviour whatsoever, but why is his sister being put on blast? Sounds like she has been through more than enough. This shouldn’t have been allowed to be posted. Her name should be removed..

  10. If he told her not to tell because he would go to jail then he understood what he was doing was wrong and punishable. Regardless of his 3% percentile intelligence or her “vulnerability”.

  11. Definitely he is a pig. What is up with the 13 year old sending out nude texts of herself? Also calling out his sister and her child is over board. This entire thing stinks I would be having a good chat with this 13 yr olds parents to see exactly what her home environment is something is totally off with this. I am not defending this muscle head they should throw away the key. Stupid system releasing high risk offenders total garbage.

  12. ADMIN!!!!! Why did you allow the name of his suster to be published ??? Irresponsible on your part and hurting innocents!

  13. Guy Smith Guy Smith says:

    I may be blind but I don’t see the name of the person who posted this anywhere.
    Should be a necessary as whoever posted seems to have a personal hate for kamakoff.
    This is what shouout needs to improve on is accountability for posting such as this.

  14. I’m not saying this guy shouldnt be on blast – he’s a convicted sex offender BUT publicly naming his sister, and mentioning her child, is all sorts of bullshit. If you are truly concerned about their well being, speak with them directly. Don’t identify a potential sexual assault victim in a post with a readership of 20,000+

    Given all the problems Shoutout Edmonton has had with bans and reported posts, I am beyond surprised this was posted/there’s very little oversight and moderating.

  15. He used to work at the gas pump… pos

  16. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Deemed in the 3rd percentile??

    Gah! He needs help

  17. This is revolting…..he “cried in court”? “I still think I am innocent,” Kalmakoff said.
    Reduced sentence=reason why so many trot out to reoffend.

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