PEMBINA river CLEAN-UP! Volunteer!

LETS CLEAN THIS PLACE UP! My kids and i have enjoyed Pembina river tubing a few times already this year, and i must say….its worse then any other year in terms of the garbage, waste, ect. Even with regular clean ups that staff and park maintence do…the litter seems to keep building up! I have read several posts here in the SHOUTOUT community about how bad it is, and even a local Pembina resident expressed frustration over the litter ect.

soooo….THIS IS THE CALL OUT! Next week on Thursday, August 3rd….i’d like to invite anyone and everyone to come meet up at PEMBINA RIVER TUBING parking lot and instead of the relaxing river tubing we are use to having….lets take some pride in this summer hot-spot and clean up the shore line. Honestly, i think it could be enjoyable with a couple inflatable boats with garbage bags pulled behind our tubes, im sure a few of us will slip, tip, and turnover along the way but thats half the fun and the weather should be GREAT! my 11 and 13 year old boys will be joining in on this, so feel free to bring kids who are old enough to safely go in and out of their tubes to help!

Please comment if you would like to join us. We will comment or message you about the time ect.
Rides not available unless you arrange with another SHOUTOUT community member (BE SAFE friends!) bring your own tube – or rent one from Pembina River Tubing (i will be giving them a call to see if they will discount rentals for a group or provide free transportation to their parking lot after).

Hotdogs, chips, and soda will be provided by our family FREE OF CHARGE after the float for those that volunteer to join us in this clean up! We will do this at the upper parking lot 🙂

Please join us! we can totally get this done for our Pembina residents & visitors



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  1. Still looking for volunteers!

  2. Aimie, Nicolette, Kaia, Natalie, Ruby, Sabrina …. I’ve never been here yet, my kids are in a day camp so what a great opportunity to meet awesome people and help out! Any of you available? (Then next Monday I’ll bring the kids and relax down the river;)

  3. Travis McKay Travis McKay says:

    This sounds great! I’ll plan to bring my kids (decent swimmers with life jackets). They might not be the most efficient cleaners, so we’ll pay for our tubes and ride back, etc. Now to find a few of those little grabber arms… 🙂

  4. Jaime Boone Jaime Boone says:

    I’ve also grown up in this community and find it so sad that people have no respect for our little piece of heaven out there. Growing up there was never this issue, you don’t poop where you sleep I suppose. While the tubing company is great for the community and the economy out there, it’s sad the disrespect people have for the area. Kudos to you Sherry for making that difference!

  5. Laura Hunt Laura Hunt says:

    Good for you! Pembina is beautiful

  6. And people say no dogs here no dogs at kdays no dogs at the park ! And yet these filthy pigs can continue to pollute my earth. But god forbid I bring my puppy!

  7. Sad people should respect the environment better

  8. this is fantastic !!! i’m so glad someone’s doing something !! i wish you guys the best !

  9. Benn Kilburn Benn Kilburn says:

    Huge Kudos!!!! to you for this Call Out!!!!!
    Its a shame that people have such disrespect for such a beautiful and fun place.

  10. I am the poster, and Pembina river tubing has offered some tubes and shuttles for some volunteers!! If anyone in the city needs a ride, I don’t mind bringing 2 to 4 people with us! I can pick up and drop off at century park!!

  11. I would so volunteer but don’t drive and live in the city :/

  12. Amanda Eaton Amanda Eaton says:

    If I wasn’t working that day, I would be there! Hope you guys have a good turn out!

  13. I love your initiative and hope you have an awesome response. I grew up in this community and it is absolutely disgusting how much garbage is in the river since the tubing company started up. Thankyou in advance for helping cleanup after all the disrespectful litter bugs.

  14. Karen Dronyk Karen Dronyk says:

    I’d be in but it’s on a week day.

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