People wasting others time!

To the people who respond to ads on kijiji, let go or any other site. BE courteous and respect others time! If you no longer want the item or can’t pickup please tell the seller!!!

You’re wasting someone’s time that they made free for YOU.

I have been waiting since 9am for someone to pickup something it’s Niebuhr 12:25 I have messaged the lady who was supposed to be here at 9 with zero response have told her to not bother picking up and still has yet to respond.

So people respect others time! I’m trying to sell some stuff to be able to pay my rent this month because money has been tight with my husband off work for 3 weeks.

If you’re not going to follow through or respond don’t even respond to ads!



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  1. Nothing burns my butt more that no shows. You’ll get a call from me if your 10 mins late. If I don’t hear from you 20-25 mins past the scheduled time, I am moving on with life. Can’t afford to lose any more time in my day! That goes for people who scheduled work appointments with me, dinner dates, online sales, repairman, etc

  2. I dont sell anything thru kijiji anymore!!

  3. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    I agree. This same post can go for a few of the ‘sellers’ whom never get back to anyone…

  4. Don’t hold items for anyone

  5. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    If they don’t show at the time they are suppose to come and don’t let you Know, the sale is over.

  6. Use Facebook’s buy and sell sites, especially if they have a no show policy that will delete the members if they don’t show up.

  7. The worst are the stupid excuses they give AFTER you let them know you’ve waited for them.
    Their kid suddenly started vomiting.
    Their vehicle wouldn’t start or got a flat.
    Someone they love was rushed to emergency.
    They got stuck in traffic.
    They were there waiting for me but didn’t have their phone.
    They thought they had a ride but they cancelled.
    They got on the wrong bus.
    Family came in from out of town and just showed up.

    I am quite understanding, I know that sometimes, these things do happen. But don’t waste time with excuses. If you decide you don’t want something or don’t have the money, a simple “hey I’m going to pass” is all it takes. The few ruin it for the many. Like I won’t meet people anymore unless I have met them before. Cause like hell am I wasting gas to meet someone who more than likely won’t bother to show up.

  8. Marie says:

    OP: Hear you and agree 100%. But how on earth do we get rid of all the inconsiderate, disrespectful block-heads out there? We can’t. There will always be 1st class idiot ignoramuses out there (and I mean way “out-there” mentally) in our society(ies). They have nothing better to do with all the idle time on their hands… but anger somebody else. What a way to entertain themselves – What a way to live their life –
    Anyhow, try doing what I do.
    Put a footnote on each of your ads;
    a) informing lookers that your item is available so long as they can read your ad; and
    b) you will remove your ad when it’s sold [though be sure and do that when it sells]
    C) Make a point to ‘NOT’ discuss price haggling in email exchanges … it’s the trolls the deadbeats who try to get you to do that
    D) Put your phone number in the ad body and REQUEST that interested persons call you rather than text or email you … that way you’re better able to separate serious lookers from non-serious ones and you will most likely see/have their ph# on call display
    E) Get their name
    F) Set the viewing date and time and stipulate (nicely) that you will be expecting they show up on time because your life is busy / you have no time for nonsense … and
    G) that if for any reason they can’t make the appt., that they be courteous enough to call you back in advance and let you know – – –
    You set the stage like that and you’ll discover that this actually works in most cases (I’d say 95% of the time) in eliminating the tire-kickers.
    As for the tire-kickers reading this … ? Please grow and show some respect to others … not only on this topic … but in living out the rest of your life 

  9. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    kijiji is bad for sellers never replying to replys. or ppl on buy n sells who ask you to hold n never show or just don’t show at the time given or sellers who sell to sumone else n block you. it does get irritating

  10. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    and never emt money before getting item to many ppl getting scammed

  11. I get this all the time! I also had it happen with someone I was buying from. Someone was selling a binder of hockey cards. They were southside near University, I live northside, but work downtown. Evenings did not seem to work for us to meet, so one day we decided that we would meet early morning the following day. I left for work early, got downtown and then hopped on the LRT, as we planned to meet at Health Sciences LRT station. They did not show up. Did not respond to texts. Then later in the day they text me saying something came up, meet tomorrow morning? That is all…no apology or other explanation. I thought no way I am getting up extra early wasting my time again. Added them to the ignore list.


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