To person that took our dog to the vets or to the vet that received him

We are from BC and are at our son’s in the Londonderry area of Delwood. Our dog got out of the fenced yard yesterday. Murphy is wearing a blue collar with our home number 250-523-6485 on it only no one is there. All we know is that a person called our home in BC From Edmonton.

We called the number back last night and were informed that someone else had taken Murphy to a Vet after he was hit by a car. It is now Sunday Christmas Eve and the vets are all closed until Wednesday.

It is going to be so hard to wait until then to find out if our little love Murphy is OK. We are hoping for a Christmas miracle that we can find out which vet he was taken to and if he is ok.

My cell number is 250-315-3799 or FB me with any info. Thank you. — Trish Armstrong



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  1. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    oh my gosh my heart hurts for you…….

  2. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    I am betting your fur baby will be at guardian vets or vet emerg. They are both 24/7 vet clinics in Edmonton and most likely to take an animal on a holiday. Hope this helps you find him.
    Edit. Being you’re in the Londonderry area I am putting money on vet emerg as they are the closest to you. 97st and 137 ave.

  3. Shared your post to Edmonton Lost Pets. It’s a great online community.

  4. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    Trish I sent you a pm also

  5. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    Hope your baby is okay ..

  6. I hope that you find your baby Merry christmas

  7. Thanks to the kind people that took him to a vet. Hope you find him in good health and spirits. Around every corner there is a miracle. Believe.

  8. Hey Trish. I’ve screen shot this post and posted it to Edmonton and area lost dogs. Also check exploited pets Alberta.

  9. I’d bet he’s at guardian vets as they’d be the only ones open late night and holidays. If the vet can’t find the owner ( is he microchiped?) He will be transferred to ACC so check their website often (it’s updated every 20 min or so) and call them to give them the heads up incase he comes in they can call you right away.

  10. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    Maybe call your bc number and change your voice mail so if they call there they will know you’re in edmonton. Hope you get your baby back safe !!

  11. Delton Veterinary hospital is another one close by. Poor pooch. Check there!

  12. Karen Olson Karen Olson says:

    Get the person watching your home to get the number off your home phone…

  13. Vet’s are closed but they have emergency numbers.. keep trying to reach them because in some cases they CANNOT help the animal for 72 hours without the owner’s permission. I would call Edmonton Animal Care & Control Centre – Edmonton and see if they were told about this dog too as they may know where he went.. they deal with lost/found pets in Edmonton.

  14. Faye Segaran Faye Segaran says:

    Oh no … thank god someone found him and took him somewhere … I hope he is ok … please keep us posted …

  15. Mercedes says:

    Check with Guardian vet or vet emerg on 97st


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