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Philipino desserts

I need some desserts. I had attended an event where they had a few different ones and I really like them. I would like to buy a few but I am not sure which ones I am looking for (what they are called). I asked the person that invited me and she said it was home-made by someone who does not live in Alberta and already gone.

I know one is called Cassava cake. Another is a purple one, I thought it was Ube but I may be wrong. I went to T&T and they didn’t have any cassava cake. The purple one they said there are Ube plus 2 different other “root” desserts.

Is it possible to order a pan of desserts where each one has a label with a name? I have limited mobility so driving all over Edmonton is not easy. I’d like to know where I can get it and make it one trip. Or willing to pay extra for someone that delivers.

I live in west end. If someone knows where I can buy these (and I can try to find out which ones I like) or can make them, I would appreciate it.
I am celebrating beating cancer. Just my family and this is what I truly want to have 🙂 As mentioned, I am low income due to mobility issues however this is a gift to myself for a family dinner to share with my kids. I mention income because I can’t spend insane amount buying tons of everything just to try. I mention mobility just because I am hoping to find something/someone closer to me.



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