Phone Not Working… Ideas?

My husband’s Samsung s7 has been acting strangely today, wondering if anyone knows why it’s doing what it’s doing.
When he talks to his phone to text or email, it duplicates everything, and changes some words around.

It doesn’t do it on Google though. Here’s a sample picture of the phone, he would say one sentence and it would get duplicated over and over and changed to a bunch of nonsense.

Any ideas or thoughts? obviously we will get his phones checked out at the store, just wondering if anyone has any ideas ahead of time.



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  1. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Tell him to back up his contacts and music and whatever else is on his phone and factory reset it

  2. Yeh that’s what I’d do…it probably has a virus….likely to going on untrusted sites…

  3. For the past 2 weeks I will be texting and my iPhone will swipe left or right…when I’m on Facebook it will flip threw things I didn’t touch! It’s almost like it’s being remotely used! Really weird!

  4. They’d make great hallmark cards

  5. Stephany Safronovich it’s not just us!!!

  6. It can be a update but. If you carry too much metal in your blood you are messing your own phone up. I switched to a iphone last year and all that stuff stopped happening

  7. Kyrie Herman Kyrie Herman says:

    Just started happening to mine 2 weeks ago. Restarted it and now it’s all good.

  8. id say just go back to normal texting. but unfortunately I have no idea. go to your service provider and maybe they know?

  9. Rupee?
    Are you in Zelda land?!


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