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I have decided to get into doing photography, I’ve always loved taking photos and it’s something I know I would enjoy and be good at.

I have no idea how to start so I was wondering if there was any photographers here that could give me some tips? Where do I begin? Is there a course?

Just looking for some insight. Interested in eventually doing weddings, engagement, family, couples, babies etc things like that.

Any help appreciated, as I really have no idea where to even begin. Thank you



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  1. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. is a great online resource too, and if you have an Edmonton Public Library card you can take courses there for FREE.

    Also, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and do not, I repeat do NOT ask your friends to critique your images, they’ll always tell you everything is awesome even when it’s complete garbage, and most of them don’t know what they’re talking about anyway.

    I know, harsh, but you have to be able to handle criticism if you want to be a professional artist, and asking your friends to constantly boost your ego is NOT the way to go about it.

    As far as the business of Photography goes, Tammy’s right on track with NAIT’s course load.

    Also, PRACTICE!

    And when you’re ready to start doing photography as a business, NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR FREE. EVER.

    It devalues your work, makes people expect you to work for free and makes it that much harder for other professionals to make money.

    TFP is one thing, both you and the model are getting something out of it, but working for free is just asking for trouble that you don’t want.

    It’s going to be tough and at times you’re going to hate it, but if you can roll with the punches and get shit done, being a professional artist can be the best decision of your LIFE.


  2. Eira Dahms Eira Dahms says:

    An Edmonton Public Library card gives you access to tonnes of free online courses! It’s called

  3. Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

    There is a course you can take at NAIT that will teach you the basics! Invest in a good camera as well! I hate seeing “photographers” that use phones, iPads or even just a cheap digital camera. Then good luck. It seems that photography is getting more popular and it’s hard for people to get started. I would start with some free sessions with friends and family just to get a portfolio going!

  4. Slzr Alma Slzr Alma says:

    Through City of Edmonton you can attend photography classes for a paid fee. Anything from basic to more advanced classes. You can always call 311 for info too.

  5. Tammy Deren Tammy Deren says:

    NAIT puts on a fantastic course for photography !!

    I haven’t seen anyone come out of there and not have a good start in the business . Photography is much more than just taking a photo:
    you must have a grasp on the business side of things, you must know how to use light, how to shoot with the settings on your camera and so much more .
    I would 100% start here .
    Never be shy to ask questions, being in the business for over 13 years now, I can help point you in the right direction further if you need, just PM me .

  6. Lauren d’Entremont Any tips?

  7. Ruth Edwards Ruth Edwards says:

    My son does photography. Message me

  8. Metro Continuing Education always has photography classes and business classes

  9. My husband loves photography. It is a hobby for him. He is good at videos especially editing but he has equipment for that and he has had paying jobs now.
    But taking still photos – still a learning curve. He found quite a few courses, most are online. If you’d like, msg me and I can give you some links. Or rather he can, I can’t think of them right now. They are not too expensive if you spread them out.

    But you have to start by taking a camera and just enjoy taking tons of photos, different angles and such. Start with a phone. If you invest in a camera, look at reviews. Some are better for videos/editing, some are better for photos and effects.

  10. McBain camera offers photography courses.

  11. If Facebook has taught me anything, you get an iPhone, take a couple filtered pics, and then start up a Facebook photography business page. Every bored stay at home mommy does this so it must work out well.

    • I usually don’t engage, but she was looking for real tips. As one Photographer to another, I would give tips rather than what you just did. I love the photography community mostly because no one is in competition, it’s about trying to get the best shot and the best work, and lighting each other up, not tearing each other down. Sounds like you are just a bitter person, in general.

  12. A great place to start is at the city arts center. They offer beginning DSLR classes to teach you how to use your camera and some of the basics of photography i.e. framing and such. That being said – it is also important to start with a decent camera. One that allows you to switch to manual mode so you can learn the different ways of capturing pictures. McBain is a great place to start with looking for a camera.

  13. Look on FB for photography for beginners… its a great place to find answers to a lot of your questions.

  14. Download this and enjoy. It’s step by step guide.

  15. Burwell School of Photography

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