To pierce or not to pierce

I want to get my nipples pierced however I also want to get a boob job done in the future.

Should I wait or can they still do the boob surgery with my nipples pierced??? TIA



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  1. Years ago my sister in law had a nipple pierced. It had gotten infected and had to close the piercing.

  2. Ned Sanchez Ned Sanchez says:

    So implants – the surgery would not involve the nipple itself. Definitely the piercing should be well healed before you have surgery, just to decrease the chance of one site infecting the other.

  3. Amanda Mae Amanda Mae says:

    You realize, even if you couldn’t have it done with the nipples pierced… Piercings aren’t permanent, right?

  4. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Have you seen the bruising after a boob job. I’d suggest to wait till the swelling and bruising is gone!

  5. Don’t do it. That is notnatural. You don’t want to get infection ever.

  6. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

    I would personally wait until after an augmentation. I found nipple piercings were the slowest to heal and gave a lot of problems even after they should be. Also with the healing process of an augmentation, they bandage chest and it doesn’t allow piercings to breathe and those ones need it.

  7. Nipple piercings take a year to fully heal before you’re even supposed to change out the bars. Had mine done in october. Wait!!

  8. How far in the future? As long as the piercing is healed and you can take it out for the surgery, you’re fine.

    Also don’t worry about the horror stories. The healing process is different for everyone. Just make sure you take care of the damn things. I’ve had mine for…. 4 years now? Never once had an issue with them. Not once.

  9. Alex McGrath Alex McGrath says:

    Idk I’d have to see them to help you pick.

  10. Wait. The way your breasts are shaped will obviously change and you may wind up with a twisted piercing.

  11. First world problem. Move on.

  12. Wait till after if you want them in same spot cause things get moved around and rotated


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