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Place to buy/sell books cheap

I spend a lot of time in hospitals and bed rests. I love to read but new books are expensive.

I usually buy cheap ones at garage sales, Goodwill, Value Village then try to trade or sell or give away so I can get new ones. Not finding any lately.

Looking for west end places. Under $2 since I give away after a week.

Magazines would be great. Again cheap or free.

Danielle steel, Nicolas sparks, that kind of genre. No religious or science fiction.



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  1. If you have an Ipad or a reader, you can get free books from

  2. Mike Atkins Mike Atkins says:

    Variant Edition on the west end

  3. 112 ave and 48st a home has set up a honor system library. Lil cabinet out fron and a bench take a book, leave one. So cute. I’m sure really if you just ask for books here, a pile will flood in.

  4. Habitat for humanity west end restore had a wall of books for like a dollar a piece. All kinds, worth the pit stop to check it out

  5. Cindy Hill Cindy Hill says:

    I used to buy books (alot! I read 1-2 novels a week)… but now I use the library almost exclusively. But if you want to buy, one place that hasn’t been mentioned is here on FB marketplace… There are tons of listings for books.

  6. Cheri Lund Cheri Lund says:

    I have some random books you can have for free… my mom would call them “fluff” books 🙂 easy readers

  7. Erica Swan Erica Swan says:

    Overdrive is your go to free downloading app, they link any library site you wish to download. Some you may have to wait a couple weeks, especially native american stories. But worth the wait.

  8. Wee book inn is great and usually there is a groupon for 11$ for a 20$ in purchases

  9. Ann Austin Ann Austin says:

    Free to take magazines. I gave away a box of books but still have magazines.

  10. Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

    The wee book inn ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I love wee book inn cant go there without coming home with a bag full of books also salvation army value village goodwill all sell used books

  12. Variant Edition Comics & Used books

  13. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Once a month gray nuns sells a bag of books for $2.00 I usually pay more because the money goes to good causes

  14. I have tons of books I’m about to sell at my garage sale next weekend if you have anything specific in mind I could help you out just shoot me a.message

  15. Laura Meidl Laura Meidl says:

    MCC Thrift Shop Edmonton is near the west end Costco. When they were on the south side their books were pretty reasonably priced so I assume they still are in their new(ish) location

  16. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    You can also go to the Edmonton Reuse Center if you have a Leasure card they have many books there as well

  17. Laura Brown Laura Brown says:

    How about a library card? They’re free, and you can either borrow electronically or paper copies. Also, depending on the hospital they usually have reading materials for patients. UofA has a patient library, I used to volunteer there in University. Free to borrow, they have all genres and magazines as well

  18. The cross cancer always has books for 1 $ set up on tables in the main lobby

  19. Try the wee book inn. There are several locations. They buy your old books. And you can buy new (used) books

  20. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Sign up for Book Bub, you get new selections every day priced at 99 cents, hugest I have seen 299 per book, and some are free , check it out

  21. I’m too cheap to buy books from VV lol. Goodwill, I know you mentioned them, they always have a great selection and super cheap, always in good condition too. Maybe see where some of the locations are and do a “trip” around to the locations for books. Kinda fun (unless you don’t drive) What about trade with friends? Also, the library has used book sale a couple times a year. Not sure of the next date…….and not sure where it’s being held lately because it was usually held at the downtown library, but that’s a great time to go and stock up on a ton of books. I’m a book lover too.

  22. Kerrie Russ Kerrie Russ says:

    In August on Whyte ave is the fringe festival mental health has a tent and the books are $1 or $2

  23. The library is free.

  24. Do you have a device with internet? Tablet? Download the kindle reading app and hit Amazon’s kindle best sellers. It’s lists the top 100 to purchase and you can switch it over to the top 100free for any category

  25. Lisa CM Lisa CM says:

    If you have a library card, download OVERDRIVE and the EPL apps. They go hand in hand. You can borrow digital books on phone, tablet etc.

  26. The Wee Book Inn will be your savior!!

  27. Value Village has tons. Very cheap as well!

  28. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    Is the wee book in still around? If not the public library.

  29. The library has an app called overdrive… you can borrow anything for 21 days. Wouldn’t have to go anywhere. It’s an option.

  30. The Cross Cancer has a book sale a couple times a month. A dollar per book.

  31. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    Find store is good. Also, check the little ‘librarys’ that are on streets/avenues (there is one on 76 ave and about 82/81 street, another on 96 street and about 70 ave., etc. ….they are all over the city really and they are free)..and, check marketplace on fb. many free items, etc. search books.

  32. The library hosts book sales at various locations around the city once a month. Soft cover are $1 and hardcover are $2

  33. People give away books all the time, so hopefully people who read this will pass them on to you. I’d give you any that I have, but have given them all away already! 🙂

  34. The FIND store in Edmonton south. You can fill up a huge bag for $5 of their selection of books. I always find great books there too! A bag can fit -30+

  35. Library cards are free and will get you into K-Days on the 21st. Here’s a post I saw for $1 books! Not mine, contact OP on image.

  36. Lisa Fedyck Lisa Fedyck says:

    There is a place called FIND FURNISHINGS, its a donation centre that helps people in need. You fill a bag for 5.00…. great deal. They are on 51 ave and 122 street.

  37. Amy Power Amy Power says:

    Wee book inn. It’s on Whyte ave and jasper ave but not west end think they only buy newer though

  38. Lindsey Carr Lindsey Carr says:

    There is a new goodwill behind the Walmart on stony plain. They might have some. I agree with the library tho I even think a library card is free

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