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Playpen Pets Millwoods

Just a heads up to anyone with kids in this group. I was at Town Center with my 5 year old today, and we passed playpen pets. My daughter of course wanted to go in and see the animals. When she saw the puppies in the cages in the back, she said she was sad these puppies were in a small space and couldn’t run around.

The employee came up to us and started screaming at my 5 year old that these puppies are taken out of their cages for hours a day and get more love than any animal.

She then called me and my daughter “bitches” (keep in mind my daughtet is 5), and continued to scream at us in front of other customers.

Just a heads up to the parents in this group, think twice before you bring your kids here



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  1. I saw your kid banging on the glass and then throwing a temper tantrum when you wouldn’t buy him one.

  2. Im amazed that this pet store is still allowed to sell puppies

  3. Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

    Not the first time I’ve her this lady do that, she’s quite rude. worked in the mall for years. She’s a Nasty person that’s for sure

  4. I have been here a few times for random things when I’m in the area. The staff has never been anything but super helpful and polite. Unless they recently hired someone I really have a hard time believing any of the staff I’ve met there would ever speak that way to a customer, let alone a 5 year old child. I’d take this one with a grain of salt.

  5. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    The woman posted this same thing on another page and deleted it when people didnt believe her.

  6. I hope you reported this to the police and animal control

  7. That is so wrong poor puppies so sad ..puppy mills need to be shut down its absolute torture for a animal to keep having babies .

  8. Dow Hocken Dow Hocken says:

    If you want a dog or cat, go to a rescue. If you want to support puppy/cat mills, shop at this pet store. I highly doubt that all the animals get out of their small cages for even a couple hrs every day. They always look so bored.

  9. Gonna have to call shenanigans on this. Successful business owners – whether you agree with their philosophy or not – do not engage people in such a manner. They may tell you to leave, but I do not believe this story at all. Check yourself.

  10. Im going to go there and make a purchase just because you made this stupid post. Fucking Shoutout is such a joke

  11. should report this to the better business bureau for starters

  12. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    Perhaps take it up with the manager. She’d want to know asap

  13. Just because you all have been going there for years does not mean it didn’t happen. Maybe someone was there before this little girl and Mom criticizing the lady about the dogs being treated bad and when this little girl said something, she just lost it. You were not there so please have some respect.

  14. Jill Turner Jill Turner says:

    I’ve been going to that pet store for years (like all my life kinda years) and I’ve never once seen them get even slightly cross with anyone let alone the children. Hell they bring the pets out for the kids to see, I’m thinking you left a whole lot out or made it up completely. I’m having a hard time believing this one.

  15. Diane Lee Diane Lee says:

    I have been in thrre for many yrs n never have i been treated like that always been a good experience

  16. Wow!! Boycott playpen pets!!!

  17. Hm. I’m in that store every week and have NEVER been treated that way or observed anyone treated that way. Even when the little ones knock on the glass.

  18. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Typical attitude from a store that sells puppies. I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

  19. Amanda Kerr Amanda Kerr says:

    I can’t stand posts like this. Slander a business with no proof whatsoever …yet some are so gullible they will automatically believe it.

  20. The story actually goes that the original poster of this post went into the store she was belligerent she was very loud she was complaining that she doesn’t like going into the store so the owner politely said to her well you don’t have to come in if you don’t want to come in the woman became belligerent and said I will bring my fucking kid into the store if I want too. The owner replied to her that her profanity was not welcome in the store. The woman continued with her belligerence continued swearing in front of her five-year-old. The owner had no choice but to stand there and take the woman’s abuse.

  21. Robin Potter Robin Potter says:

    Any place that sells puppies is a bad place to go. Many other pet stores in edmonton do rescue work. Go there.

    Lets not forget about pjs pets (my pet?) In west ed. Owner was such a great pos.

  22. Amy Golemiec Amy Golemiec says:

    Isn’t illegal
    To have puppies in pet stores now?

  23. Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

    I’m calling this post out as complete bull. ‘Things that never happened for 1000 Alex’

  24. Omg I take my kids there all the time. Not anymore

  25. Angela Walch Angela Walch says:

    omg….so sharing this…

  26. Those pups come from puppy mills. I do not know how they are still in business

  27. I also know the store owner because I have shopped there for so many years. She is fantastic and looks after these animals very well.
    I’m thinking the child was banging on the glass which causes the puppies a lot of stress. There is clearly more to the story here. I have a really hard time believing the store manager called a 5 year old child a bitch

  28. Was it the older lady, possibly the owner? I was there this morning and she had some strong opinion about a couple people, something best not voiced when customers are around.

  29. I was there yesterday love it, very good an helpful

  30. Get the employee’s name and report him/her to the manager.Since you have no name I’m assuming your story is fake.

  31. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    And have you called the manager of the store and reported?

  32. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    This sounds like some bulllllllllshitttttttttttttt!

  33. Shalini Ram Shalini Ram says:

    This is so hard to believe ,pretty sure this is not the whole story. I been going there for years and I do not see the staff doing this .

  34. Robin Warner Robin Warner says:

    I’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for 500, Alex

  35. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    I am happy to see so many people that can see that there is always more to a story. Way to make a person proud Edmonton

  36. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    Sounds like a whole lot is missing from this story.

  37. Unless the staffer has Tourettes Syndrome – my guess is no and this post is BS. Rarely, does someone get called a bitch for NO REASON. Probably are one is my guess

  38. Stop spreading lies. I know the owner and the employees. This is not something they would ever do. Tell the whole story.

  39. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    That place has a horrible reputation.

  40. Samara White Samara White says:

    I feel like there has to be more to this story. I’ve been going to this place for YEARS. I know the lady that runs it (not personally but because I’ve been there so much)
    I also know the staff (again not personally) and unless they hired new staff within the last month I find this REALLY hard to believe.
    I was there when someone’s child broke a bunch of their glass fish stuff and the way that the staff handled that was not even close to what happened in this story and they lost a bunch of money in stuff, rather than just having a child say that their dogs look sad.

    I bring my children there every time I go into Millwood’s town center, they are always super nice and let my children pet the bunnies or any animals they have up front and have always been insanely friendly towards myself and other customers I’ve seen in there, even when those customers aren’t friendly back.

    Sorry I just don’t find this story believable.

    Did you speak to management about this issue? Or just come straight home and decide to write on shout out Edmonton not actually solving any problems but just to bitch about something

  41. I have been there many of times with my 2 kids and never once had any employee yell at me.. plus these puppies are up for adoption not for sale.. so that being said I think there is more to this story.. and if this person has a issue maybe contact management instead of writing on fb

  42. Sounds like someone is having a really bad day.

  43. Hmmmm…there’s more to this story.

  44. Any store that has puppies for sale and aren’t up for adoption through a reputable rescue are sourcing puppies from puppy mills


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