Pleading to animal lovers

My family and I have an older fur baby with degenerative myelopathy. Degenerative mylopathy is when your pet goes paralyzed from the back end up.

We have an amazing 12 year old boxer who is also our ADHD/Autistic sons best friend. Our girl is full sound of mind while facing her challenges and w still wants to provide our son with her therapeutic benefits.

Sadly, her body is not in the same place. We are DESPERATELY seeking a dog wheelchair for our girl. Please trust me when I say she’s not ready to go. If ANYONE has a dog wheelchair that would work for our boxer free, or minimal charge, is and my son would be extremely grateful! We sadly are not in a place to afford how expensive they are to buy or rent with me and health issues.

I would either return it or pay it forward to other therapy dogs in need. Yes, I have checked kijji with no luck, and the last one we bought, spending $600 on broke.

Please, can someone help us? She’s really not ready to be put down!! Just her hind legs are failing. I promise to return or pass along the gift in your pets name.



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  1. Cindy Mason Cindy Mason says:

    do a search of the DIY pages, I recall seeing a simple one there some time ago.

  2. Jacqueline Greene do you happen to know any sources that could help out with doggie wheelchairs?

  3. Check with the many rescues in town. They occassionally get chairs donated.

  4. Carla Sitko Carla Sitko says:

    Can the one that broke be repaired somehow?

  5. I’m sorry to be THAT person but the average life expectancy of a Boxer is 10-12 years…. it may be time to ask yourself some difficult questions. Please put the best interest of the dog above all. Good luck.

    • Shut your mouth before you even know the situation, way to be ridiculously heartless. Did you even read the post? There’s nothing else wrong with the dog, and I’m sure if it was in any kind of pain at all they would put it down. Sorry, but you are THAT person and worse.

    • Wendy Peers Wendy Peers says:

      Then don’t be THAT person. Some things are better off not said.

  6. I am so sorry this is happening to you and your fur baby!!

  7. Kath Oltsher Kath Oltsher says:

    We will help you – zoes animal rescue – Sasha Ladawn Kath Oltsher

  8. Joan Warren Joan Warren says:

    Shared best of luck

  9. I am following this . My boxer is almost 10 years old . I have noticed that his back legs give out on him when he walks. Is this wheel chair for the back legs only

  10. I saw some at trident pet wholesale
    I don’t recall the price but don’t think they were to pricey

  11. Matt Hamelin Matt Hamelin says:

    I don’t have a wheelchair to offer but I would try to build one for your friend, at no cost to you. Let me know and I’ll get on it!


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