Please Help Find Missing ASD Teen (picture attached)

Day 4 no luck
this what she looks like I put the different looks incase she has hair up or maybe down or wearing makeup or not.
The passed 4 days it made me think.
yes she can’t handle negative comments or anything negative.
i wasn’t comparing her to anyone.
all I said I don’t ask much from her.
Getting 4 hours sleep and dealing with a cat that’s get in a way or whining too much.
lack of sleep, lack of iron, large ovarian cyst that’s bleeding or there blood in it or around it all I know I’m having surgery to fix it soon, and I know it’s not all about me.
i want to find her and repair our mother and daughter bond
please take the picture and share it. Put with it this. If want add more go ahead. I am so sad.
missing teen since July 11 afternoon she has ASD, ADHD combined, anxiety, cognitive delays.
She says she hangs out at northgate mall check transit and mall, north town Wendy’s, timmies over by eaux claires transit, check there as well, the McDonald’s over near timmies In eaux claires, castledowns transit and the lake that’s near it
if found call the police right away thank you!



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  1. What is her name? Age? Height? Just wanting to help you in locating her but we at least need a name if you want us to contact police if we see her.

  2. Shari says:

    Needs a missing person file number, age, date and area last seen would be helpful.

  3. OP, please provide more details, such as her name, age, etc. I will post about this on ETN – Edmonton Talks News with the proper information. Thank you, and best of luck to you.

  4. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    After taliyah marsman we don’t need and other result like that

  5. Nora Smayda Nora Smayda says:

    She still missing?

  6. Angela Reum says:

    you can remove this please
    I don’t have issues, she a young teen who trying find herself and lost her ways.
    I have been blaming myself, I don’t need others to judge me, I am a single mother with 2 special needs children.
    Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by the presence of severe communication, language and social deficits in affected persons.While autistic peoples’ cognitive (thinking and language) and social skills are typically developmentally delayed compared to their peers, their motor (movement) skills develop in a more normal fashion Sometimes people with autism don’t understand jokes, idioms, puns or sarcasm.

    yes she needs help, and i am trying my best to help her.

  7. Jack says:

    Sounds like mom has some issues of her own to deal with before being a caretaker.


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