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Please Help Us Get Our Documentary Funded!

Hello Shoutout Community!

My name is Shauna and I am the project lead and executive producer of our documentary titled “Focus”.
I am coming to you, the Edmonton community, asking for your help winning a competition to receive the funding we need to make our film a reality by voting for our project!

In order to convey why this is so important to me, I will have to tell you a bit of a story – so if you want the TLDR version, just skip to the end of this post!
The Story:

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 32 years old.

After a lifetime of struggling to understand why the simple was impossible, the logical was nonsensical and the necessary was unachievable – I found out that I have ADHD. I have already lived one third of my life not understanding who I really am.

Most people hear “ADHD” or “ADD” (which is the same thing, just an updated acronym) and think of hyperactive, unruly children. This is however, not the case.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, or ADD) is a complex developmental condition that affects many aspects of everyday life. The parts of the brain that are affected by ADHD are responsible for many things, including:
Problem Solving, Memory, Language, Motivation, Judgement, Impulse Control, Social Behaviour, Emotional regulation, Planning, Decision making, Attention, Ability to delay gratification, Time perception, etc.

Living with an undiagnosed developmental condition has led to more than just a messy life – it led to decreased physical health, depression, anxiety, dermatillomania and other commonly co-morbid conditions that I am still fighting today.

A life without full control of my executive functions has left a tidal wave of destruction, failures and self-confidence issues in its wake. It broke me several times, and more recently – nearly cost me my life.

Now, at 32 – I am finally able to once again have hope for a better me, and a better tomorrow.

My journey has led to a lot of discoveries about not only myself, but about ADHD in general. Statistically, 4% of adults in the world have ADHD, but only 1.8% of them are ever diagnosed. ADHD is less often diagnosed in women and is often mis-diagnosed as depression, anxiety etc. ADHD is also less often diagnosed in people of color, marginalized communities and people with existing mental health issues.

I decided that I wanted to do more than simply better myself, I decided that I wanted to help other people like me as well. With a background in marketing and media (including film production, editing, etc) I decided I wanted to make a film and reached out to a friend and fellow ADHD adult (who works in film and TV) with the idea. Together we want to make a documentary about adult ADHD.

Our mission is to raise awareness about ADHD and educate society on what it REALLY is vs. what it is perceived to be. We hope to not only allow a window into the world of real people with ADHD and foster a sense of community for those who have it – but also help someone who might not have considered it before see it in themselves. We want to help the families, friends, employers and co-workers of people with ADHD better understand them. We want to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness and developmental conditions and give a voice to those who suffer.

If we help even one person with our film, then we would consider it a success.

Our film is called “Focus” and it is a documentary about Adult ADHD with a local Edmonton focus.

We are competing for a funding grant from Storyhive and I am asking for your help to get the votes we need in order to win a spot.

The direct link to vote for our project is, along with the pitch video and other information is:

Voting opens May 28 at 1pm MDT and runs until May 31 at 1pm MDT.
You can submit one vote per person, per day for the full duration of the voting period. That is a total of 4 votes you can submit to support our film! There is no sign-up or log-in required, and anyone from anywhere can vote!

You can find us on Facebook at for more information, or if you’d like to follow the page for updates and news.

Please consider taking a moment to help us out – I know your time is valuable, but It will mean the world to us if you’d lend us a few seconds to support our project.

Thank you so incredibly much for your time,

Shauna & The Focus Team



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  1. I just watched the show with Will Smith called Focus. Anyways not the same thing. Good luck

  2. Can you please message me. I think i have an idea that might be helpful. I will for

  3. Hello everyone!!

    This is my post, and I would be so thankful if you took a moment to vote for our project!

    Id also be happy to answer any questions you might have!

    Thank you so much!!

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