Please Learn to use a Drive – Thru

Dear Southside Edmontonians,

It is not every day that I stop on my way to work to grab a tasty, morning-making Tim Hortons coffee – But when I do, I stop at the location in South Edmonton Common. (Near Superstore, not the Wendys/Tims near Ikea)
Today, like so many days before it, I found myself impeding traffic because some asshat in front of me doesn’t understand the concept of traffic.

If you are turning into the drive thru, and the line is backed up to the entrance/exit of the parking lot – DO NOT SIMPLY STOP IN THE ENTRANCE/EXIT AND SIT THERE LIKE A TOOL. The person behind you, who was myself today, cannot turn into the parking lot AT ALL and is stuck either sitting in the middle of the road holding up traffic, or forced to pass the entrance and loop around an incredibly busy and annoying shopping area to get in the other side.

You should be pulling in, and forming a line inside of the parking lot without blocking the entrance/exit to the area. I would think this was common sense, but apparently I, an 18 year old highschool dropout millennial who works in a crappy clothing for minimum wage, needs to educate you. That’s kind of sad IMO.

Just in case this made no sense, or some of you need further explanation, I have attached a lovely hand drawn picture for you to study.


Thanks a bunch – and to the middle aged white lady in the red SUV this morning : You could have at least bought my coffee after driving like such an asshat…… Just saying!

(Admin: Sorry, your image never uploaded, sadly.)



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  1. You sound more like a Gen Z than a Millennial, given your level of discomfort and insecurities.

  2. No the worst thing you can do in a drive thru goes to the lady who REVERSED into my car because she passed right by the intercom and forgot to order. So instead of continuing up to the window and explaining this or driving through and circling back around decided to reverse back to the intercom but didn’t look to see if anyone had entered the drive thru before doing so.

  3. I still can’t figure out why able bodied people in the middle of summer with no kids with them need to use the drive thorough anyway

  4. Or you could park, walk in and get your coffee, probably would have been faster

    • He stated the person blocked the exit and entrance he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

    • And even so….if you are on any kind.of.schedule drive through is much faster……along with the fact that at almost every tims the drive thru line up blocks.parlongs stalls, or cars in you get in you can’t get out…. And that’s mostly.becaude people don’t k oe how to properly queue up

  5. Or you could go to a different Tim Hortons

  6. Karen Olson Karen Olson says:

    buy a machine and make it at home!

  7. Mark Eastham Mark Eastham says:

    Here is an idea, park your car and walk into the store like we used to before drive thru’s were the only way to get coffee.

  8. Honestly I enjoy home made coffee better, and bring a thermos, and avoid the whole ordeal of people who don’t have 5 minutes to make their own cup of java.

  9. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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