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Another cop story here, true story. This past winter was just horrendous, lots of snow and slippery road conditions. That day the roads were just super slippery and everyone were just going real slow and and cautious, my lights were green as I was approaching the intersection, then they turned yellow. I tried to slow down but I was just slipping and sliding and there was no way for me to safely stop on time or I would get stuck right in the middle of the intersection. You guessed right, I gently stepped on the accelerator just to keep going and the lights turned red.

Right at the middle of the intersection, I could hardly move forward. To my appreciation, all cars from every direction were not moving just to allow me to safely move forward. These all happened very fast in a few seconds. As soon as I was able to get my momentum back and was safely driving forward, a police car was right behind me with lights flashing, my anxiety shot right through the roof having just gone through the intersection.

I was obliged to pull over and stop. As soon as the cop got out of his car, I could see him from my side mirror that he was mad as shit! He was yelling and shouting at me, like a drill sergeant dumping all his frustrations! He said that I should wake up, that I could be given tickets in huge amounts of money for driving through the red light and a lot more I could not remember.

I was really dumbfounded, stunned and was not able to say anything until he was gone. True enough, I drove through that red light because of the road conditions. I won’t be able to stop safely and on time. This experience caused me to lose trust in them. I know not all of them are like that. But to be yelled at by a public servant getting paid by our taxes?



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  1. Even if he did yell so what? You clearly arent capable of driving according to conditions. Why are people so god damn sensitive now about being yelled at?

  2. Try driving to the conditions. What if there would have been a pedestrian or emergency vehicle in the intersection.

  3. Yet it didn’t upset you enough that day, but instead today it triggered you enough to post anonymously on social media.

  4. And another snowflake who cant admit that thry screwed up…

  5. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Power hungry cops are rampant in Edmonton.

  6. Firstly, You are whining because a cop was upset and gave you a warning? Channelling your inner snowflake? I sounds like you should have been given a ticket because you simply cannot appreciate getting a warning when your driving created a situation that luckily had no dire consequences.
    Second, you mention all other cars managed to safely stop but just your little slice of road was perilous? Uh, huh.
    Now, all that being said, we have been stopped by a cop who followed us through a light that turned yellow as we entered the intersection. He waited 3 blocks to light us up and pull us over. He got license and registration and went back to his car, but not before nearly being hit by many other vehicles in a busy, high traffic area. Where he made us stop caused an ambulance to have to take evasive action in an emergency situation. He came back and said nothing and let us go on our way, but I assume he looked at his douche’ cam footage and learned of his error.
    Lastly, I have been nearly hit by an entitled driver who was going too fast and would have taken out me and a baby in a stroller if I had been in a hurry to cross the street. That car slid on dry road, to the middle of the intersection, angled for 45 degrees off from braking so hard…….decided “in for a penny, in for a pound” and took off. Karma was not his buddy that day because, like you, there was a cop there (he nearly hit the cop car as he stopped) lit him up and boop! Technically speaking, that driver’s bad Karma should have been yours but you are clearly so entitled or flaky that you spin it so that you are somehow a victim! It takes all kinds to whine about this crap!

  7. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Lots of cops are simply pricks . That’s just the way it is.

  8. aww he hurt your feelings, poor thing…

  9. Sounds like you are a lousy driver and should go for lessons. I doubt your description of your encounter with the police officer. You are lucky that he only yelled at you. You deserved the tickets. You should be grateful that he saved you some money that day. Instead you cry on an anonymous forum about your tender feelings and how they were hurt that day. You need to grow up. You could have injured or killed yourself and/or others that day with your irresponsibility. You are lucky all you got were flashing lights, a bit of anxiety and a good talking to instead of blood, dismemberment and death.

  10. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    you didnt get fined for that? you should put your head between your legs and thankfully kiss your ass and the cop. you could have hit another n=vehicle or killed someone

  11. Police are not public servants. The onus is on you. Plain & simple.

  12. Lilith Fawn Lilith Fawn says:

    such a high stress job . Parenting society .bt also. good you got yelled at . You endangered lives . Evryone sometimes ovr reacts . Im thXnkful for .especially the ones who enforce law. Keep peace. If you didnt get corrected would it been a learning experience for you? . Try be more careful. Probly scared you.nd evryone who saw . dont call them public slaves .they ar considered be me nyway a higher society. I hate police bashing .evryone no matter wht .needs their assistance sometime .nd when evr they ar called evryone waits till its always way past to late . .ppl get mad it takes 20-30mins .mayb a hour depending on seriousness .they come to resolve wht the fck we cant handle .lowest state of mind is confusion .they take pieces of other ppls problems nd piece things together. Is frustrating .how many problems can someone handle besides their own . It is so much strength . Nd lots heart .

  13. If you had hit someone, you would of been ticketed. Red means all motion must stop, and sliding through an intersection is not an excuse. You are in control of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to drive to the conditions and maintain control of the vehicle at all times while you are driving. I’ve slid through intersections because I was driving too fast for the conditions.

  14. City was shit for sanding this winter. Pathetic!!

  15. Get some winter tires…. It should be mandatory here…

  16. Time to get some winter tires for your car.

  17. Aaaaaaand THIS is why I hate so many “drivers” that are in our roads!!

  18. By public servant, you mean unthinking house slave, right?

  19. Bronco Monk Bronco Monk says:

    you slid thru an intersection because you were not paying attention you did not count the light, you did not look at the cross walk count down. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 red light.

    • Kara Keena Kara Keena says:

      Bronco Monk not all crosswalks have countdowns. Loads of them just have the flashing hands.

    • Kara Keena flashing hand is what used to warn us of stale greens before the counters were installed.
      Just cause you dont know how many seconds are left, when its slick out, doesn’t mean you dont slow down just in case. ..

    • Bronco Monk Bronco Monk says:

      Same thing……………..I run heavy equipment and heavy haul trucks. all over in the same conditions.

    • Kara Keena Kara Keena says:

      Charlene Piche yes but there have been lights where I slow down to a stop and the hand stops flashing and goes solid and the light is still green for like an extra minute. And I’ve also had times where I slow down to basically a stop and it’s still flashing. Then there is lights where the hand flashes for 10 seconds then goes yellow. So…

  20. Well this back fired on the OP….

  21. Kelsey Gould Kelsey Gould says:

    That’s not really that bad. They’re pretty used to having to do some pretty annoying stuff. Talking to you sternly or shouting.. not that bad. The cop yelled at you so that you would be more cautious is all.

    They see seriously horrific things. Sometimes they end up going to scene after scene and see things you can only imagine, or only see reenacted on TV.

    Don’t let that stuff bother you. They’re taught to be stern, they don’t get to show weakness in the public, they can’t. So sometimes they will react in a way that will shock you and likely hurt your feelings.

  22. So let me get this straight…out of all the cars on the road that day you were the only one that didn’t control his speed well enough not only to not be able to stop on time but also get stuck in the middle of an intersection whilst running through a red light that you were going too fast to stop yet too slow to fully get through?! Kindly get off the roads please!

  23. Do you have winter tires?

  24. You don’t know what he dealt with that day. For all you know he just came from an accident where someone wasn’t so lucky, or he just finished telling a parent their child wasn’t coming home anymore.
    You got yelled at, but your alive, nobody got hurt and no ticket. Doesn’t sound all that bad

  25. Jody Oliver Jody Oliver says:

    So you think you did no wrong, when in fact you were driving too fast for road conditions. Which in itself is illegal. And then because you don’t care about anyone else in the road, you blew through a red light. And you no expect people to feel sorry for you. And then you expect us to believe you when you say the cop yelled at you.

  26. You should learn how to drive!!!!!

  27. So you didnt get a ticket?

    You got a talking to and that’s it?…..and I doubt he was “shouting” at you, probably talking sternly because running lights can cause you to die, and maybe he was trying to make a point to save your life. Stale greens are easy to detect and prep for and may e he thought you weren’t driving to conditions

    I fail to see the issue here.

  28. I will agree with you on one thing, he really does not have the right to be yelling at you, he can tell you what you did wrong but as a police officer he should be able to do so in a calm manner.

  29. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    What everyone else said!

  30. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    I say if you cant learn to drive in our conditions and dont take care and control ride the bus so your feeling dont get hurt

  31. Did you get a ticket? If not stop whining, getting yelled at isn’t a big deal

  32. Well unfortunately and as shitty as it sounds ounus is on you to drive to road conditions, if it slid through the intersection it could be argued that you were not

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