Poor Customer Service

Bought a car from Landmark Mazda. Took it in to get serviced by Mazda in Kewlona and was told the tires were completely worn out and that they had never seen such poor quality tires, not even 60 000 km on them yet only 2 1/2 years old. Seemed really odd, in all the vehicles we’ve owned we have gotten closer to 100 000 on the first set.

Get back to Edmonton and go to talk to the Service Manager Larry Wiebe at Landmark about replacing them, and get told 5 different ways that he can’t help it that’s just the way tires are these days and they don’t even have a choice in the tires they put on cars. Ask about the cost of replacing them and get quoted top dollar, let him know that a couple of other places cost less (300 dollars less) and he flat out said that they can’t compete with other retailers it comes to tires.

Then he asks if he can see the tires because we may have been told incorrectly that they needed replacing, when advised that it was in a Mazda service report he then said he wouldn’t look at the tires as he would probably agree with the report anyways. Which leaves me wondering if it hadn’t been on a Mazda report already if he would have told us the tires were fine.

Of course then we get a call telling us they want to trade in our car and get us in a new Mazda… ummm nope. Not after that experience.

Don’t buy from Landmark Mazda, they don’t display any ownership of their own product.



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