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Poor dog!

To the jerk that left his dog in the back of the truck while it was down pouring yesterday (highway 28) , your an ass!!

All the big trucks driving by also splashing a ton of water on him as well, that poor dog!

I don’t care how big a dog is, they don’t deserve that.



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  1. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    It’s not illegal to transport a dog like that. It’s also summer and warm out. The dog probably enjoyed the shower.

    Settle down and stop trying to publicly shame people.

  2. I think a video would’ve given a better perspective

  3. Wow what a fuckin dick

  4. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    was this person moving? why more interest on the plate than on the dog? i am an animal,person. but this post seems to be bitter

  5. He’s in a crate (yay!) and got caught in the rain, which is unfortunate but nothing to lose your wig over. I’m sure the dog is fine.

  6. Obviously the owner got caught in the rain with no tarp to cover the pup at least hes secured In a crate

  7. My king shepherd is happiest when it’s -20 or colder prefers outside in the rain and snow

  8. Why are you taking pictures while driving. You shouldn’t be reported for distracted driving.

  9. Jesse Hughes Jesse Hughes says:

    City folks clearly never seen a farm dog you think farm dogs live in the house hahaha fucken wake up people jesus. So if I walk my dog in the rain and I a bad person too fuck give your head a shake!

  10. Jesse Hughes Jesse Hughes says:

    I love how everyone always worries about other people’s lives. Like honestly this is why the world is so fucked up. Y’all a bunch a pussies that need to pull your heads out of your asses and worry about your own fucken business cuz I bet you ain’t a fucking angel without issues.

  11. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    All Truck Trash should be neutered and forbidden to even own pets.

  12. Dammed is you leave it in your truck, dammed if you leave it out side.. wonder why people are sick and tired of the bullshit…

  13. Brett Lahey Brett Lahey says:

    Cue the, “but I do this and that and my animal likes it and enjoys it”

  14. Asshole should be put in the back when it’s pouring rain and driven around see if he likes it , this should be reported

  15. My dog loves being splashed by water and loves the rain. The dogs in a kennel and sure it’s fine. The owner probably knows their dog

  16. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    Did u call the police?

  17. Report to animal care and control

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