POOR EDMONTON AIR QUALITY — Stay Indoors Unless Necessary

This is just a head’s up to you all that Edmonton’s current air quality isn’t looking so good. It is sitting at a 7, which is considered rather high. Don’t hang out outdoors unless it is absolutely necessary.

This isn’t a well-known issue for some reason, but here you have it.

It’s not necessarily dangerous, but it is considered even worse for our younger and elder populous. Just thought I’d let everyone know. Be safe and have a great evening! — Jody Mitoma

View official weather statement:


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39 Responses

  1. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Glad to see that Carbon Tax is scrubbing the air clean again.

    The warning I received on my phone stated pollution as the cause of the warning.

  2. What’s the pollution coming from? Vehicles, industry?

  3. Joe Kilcup, is this what you were asking about?

  4. Just trying to be helpful & informative, everyone. 🙂

  5. Why? Anyone have an explanation? Is Trudeau here?

  6. Laura Aplin Laura Aplin says:

    Ya damn asthma will bug me but not going to stay inside

  7. Weird I have asthma and haven’t had a problem yet today

  8. For those who want to go outside anyways. Please do. For those who don’t. Good for you.

  9. Hope Desarae Hope Desarae says:

    Nathan Lothian stay inside

  10. Suzy Johnosn n we were totally enjoying sitting out !!!

  11. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Should I just live in a bubble too?

  12. Bj Wam Bj Wam says:

    All the calcium chloride evaporating off the roads

  13. I just can’t! It too beautiful. I can stay cooped up for another day watching the beautiful sun melt the snow. The air is so fresh! My kids have been outside like 60% of this entire day!

  14. Thank you for the info.
    And very off topic, but I also want to thank you for your reference to elders, versus elderly. Seems a small thing perhaps, but feels vastly more respectful.

  15. You might be shocked to know that indoor air quality is around 70% worst than outdoor thanks to all the chemical products we use these days to build,wash,and clean the houses we live in…there’s no escaping this!

  16. I think this determines our debate Karalee Stephenson

  17. Gotta love environmental friendly cities out in the country she’s farm fresh

  18. When was the last time an air quality index was issued short of any wildfires?

  19. Tasha Turner Tasha Turner says:

    Very hazy threw the river valley

  20. Carla Hosey Carla Hosey says:

    Is this snow mold…pollution or what do u think?

  21. Does anyone know why? Seems so random for middle of March.

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