Poor service and quality of work

Builder spliced my electrical cable and used electrical (black) tape to protect the splice, then buried it 8 feet under the drive way.

I have to now cut and dig up my drive way at my expense to fix problem.



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  1. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    could u not go after them for costs?

  2. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    New Home Warranty may cover this depending on the age of your house

  3. Doesn’t do much good if you don’t name the builder. Other people should be warned.

  4. Company who was responsible for the job would have insurance. Put them on notice in writing that your problem is due to their negligence and invite them to see for themselves and partake in the repair process. Take lots of pictures.

  5. why? was the problem not fixed when he taped it?

  6. Stephen Wall Stephen Wall says:

    Someone needs a splice

  7. Paul Morris Paul Morris says:

    Spices underground require a special kit. It also needs to be inspected. The builder probably doesn’t have a license. Recommend deal with it now.

  8. Stan Carlow Stan Carlow says:

    Typical… I have seen this type of shoddy workmanship so many times in homes that it doesn’t surprise me at all anymore… whether electric, plumbing, insulation, etc etc etc the list covers the entire home… tough one to swallow thats for sure… what is the builders name.. call them tell them to deal with it or shame them all over the net,,,

  9. Rob Price Rob Price says:

    If it is before the utility meter shouldn’t it be the utility company’s problem

  10. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Who was the builder?


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